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Disney’s WISH Parents Guide Movie Review

Disney’s Wish is a disappointing film that fails to live up to the high standards that Disney has set for itself. Check out the details in my parents guide movie review.

Disney's Wish Parents Guide

Disney’s Wish releases in theaters across the United States today, November 22, 2023. The film’s voice cast includes Chris Pine (as King Magnifico), Ariana Debose (Asha), Alan Tudyk (Valentino), Angelique Cabral (Amaya), Victor Garber (Sabino), and Evan Peters (Sleepy Simon). The film was written by Jennifer Lee, Allison Moore, and Chris Buck, and directed by Chris Buck and Fawn Veerasunthorn. Check out the details in my parents guide movie review.

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Disney’s Wish Movie Quotes

Disney’s Wish Parents Guide

In Disney’s Wish: Asha and Star confront a most formidable foe–the ruler of Rosas, King Magnifico–to save her community and prove that when the will of one courageous human connects with the magic of the stars, wondrous things can happen.

Disney's Wish Parents Guide

Disney’s Wish Age Rating Parents Guide

Let’s take a look at what concerned parents need to know about the age ratings of the series before letting their younger children watch Disney’s Wish.

LanguageDisney’s Wish does not contain indecent language or profanity. The strongest words viewers will come across are “butt.”

Mature Content: The biggest lookout in the film is the action sequences, intense scenes, and strong warning for dark magic and dark moments that are included in the film and may frighten a younger audience. The movie includes mature topics and adult themes that surround the grief of losing parents and also losing their personal wishes. The mature content may be triggering for some viewers.

Age Rating of the Movie Disney’s Wish: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Wish movie rating has a PG rating by the Motion Picture Association of America – MPAA ratings – for thematic elements, and mild action and the parental guidelines advisory recommends it for a mature audiences, an older audience, an adult audience, young people, young adults, older kids, and teens aged 8 years and older. The suggestion of parental guidance or a legal guardian (adult guardian) for this restricted PG category is highly suggested for young children, young kids, younger kids, and younger viewers under 8 years of age in this PG-rated motion picture for adult material. The minimum age recommendation is 8 years old. The film does not include drugs & smoking.

Overall Thoughts

Walt Disney Animation Studios Wish is a new Disney animated musical film that tells the story of a girl named Asha, a young girl from magical kingdom of Rosas, who dreams of becoming a wishing star. When she is granted her wish, she must team up with a cosmic star named Star to save her kingdom from a villainous sorcerer.

The animation in Disney’s Wish is one of the film’s high points. The film has a beautiful and vibrant watercolor-inspired style that is reminiscent of classic Disney animated movies like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Fantasia. The backgrounds are particularly well-done, with lush landscapes and detailed cityscapes.

The characters in Disney’s Wish are unfortunately underdeveloped. Asha is the protagonist of the film, but we don’t learn much about her beyond her desire to become a wishing star. Star, the cosmic star Asha teams up with, is more of a plot device than a character. The film’s villain, a sorcerer named Magnifico, is also rather one-dimensional.

As far as the story goes, Disney’s Wish is unoriginal and predictable. The film follows the same basic plot as many other Disney films, with a young protagonist who must overcome adversity to achieve her dreams. The film’s twists and turns are also easy to see coming from a mile away.

The film’s main messages and plot points are muddled and confusing. At times, the film seems to be saying that it is important to follow your dreams, while at other times it seems to be saying that it is important to be content with your lot in life. Ultimately, the film’s message is unclear.

Overall, Disney’s Wish is a disappointing film that fails to live up to the high standards that Disney has set for itself. The film has some good things going for it, such as its beautiful animation and catchy songs, but its flaws ultimately outweigh its positives.

Disney's Wish Parents Guide