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40+ Wishful Peacock’s GENIE 2023 Movie Quotes

Peacock's GENIE 2023 Movie Quotes

Peacock’s Genie 2023 was released on the streaming service today, November 22, 2023. I will have a review of the movie coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the film. Check out these 40+ of the best and most wishful Peacock’s Genie 2023 movie quotes.

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Peacock’s genie 2023 Parents Guide Movie Review

Peacock’s GENIE 2023 Movie Quotes

Why are you carrying such an ugly bear?

It’s like you’ve forgotten who you are or what a family means.

Mom says you’re a selfish b*st*rd.

There might be another you in another universe having a great life right now.

Your wish is my command.

You make wishes, and I make them come true. It’s how this whole thing works.

Everybody always takes the camel wish back.

I’m kind of a sword-and-slice gal. Get in and get it done.

Wishes can’t change people’s feelings. It’s one of the big rules.

I do work with Nardo. You know, we go to the workplace together, and we do work things at our work location.

Peacock's GENIE 2023 Movie Quotes

What is the way to get to a woman’s heart?
Love, kindness, consideration, and offering to do all the washing.

Wait an ever-loving minute. This is heaven.

My ears was made to hear this music.

Back in my day, it was all bagpipes and hollowed gourds.

I will avenge thee.

Jesus? Are you talking about Mary’s kid?
I knew him. What did he do to get so famous?

I wish all these kids got exactly what they wanted.

I love a man in a uniform.

That is a face that’s seen some fun.

I love cats. They’re delicious.

This is why I never took the plunge. Some stallions, they just need to roam free.

Who’s ready for dead bird?

Proof is in the genie pudding. Am I right?

Marvin, I wish you’d just go to hell.

This is our one real chance at happiness.

In all my years, I’ve never seen anyone use the wishes worse.

If you need anything, just let me know, because your wish is my command. Indirectly.

Let me handle dinner, cause romance is kind of my thing.

I’m gonna have to kill someone.

Kicking names and taking butts. This is what we do.

Peacock's GENIE 2023 Movie Quotes

Thank you, Flora. That was the best day of her life.

I have everything I could ever want.

We’re equals, Flora. How can things go well for me and not for both of us?
I don’t think I remember how to have my own life.

I think the whole point is that you’ll know what you need when it happens.

I want you to remember that one of them found you to be the very best friend that she ever had.

This is all becoming a bit emotional. I wish you’d just go.

I wish I was back at the very beginning.

One perfect pepperoni for old Bernie Boy

Your wish is my command.

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