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Collection of Best Disney Plus’ ECHO Quotes

Disney Plus' Echo Quotes

Disney Plus’ Echo released its first three episodes on the streaming service today, January 10, 2024. I will have a series review of the show coming soon, which is also streaming on HULU, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the show. Check out this collection of the best Disney Plus’ Echo quotes.

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Disney Plus’ Echo Parents Guide Review

Disney Plus’ Echo Quotes

Follow me.

She saved her family from their cave.

Everybody should love something that much.

I found out who cut the breaks. They are being handled.

You have to learn to jump between two worlds.

I’m already gone.

You’re not alone. We all mourn your father. I understand your rage.

Let me help you release this rage in a more constructive way.

You have greatness in you. Take your hurt, your loss, take your pain and make it into something useful.

Kingpin thanks you for your loyalty.

I’ve been watching them all night, and then you guys showed up and screwed everything up.

What you lacked was a place and a purpose. You have that now with me. We’re family, no matter what.

We are the same. But your rage makes you blind.

You and I, we’re family.

If you ain’t here to skate, then he ain’t available.

You want an empire. You want a war. You’ll have it.

You know this is miltia-type sh*t you’re buying.

We had nothing to do with this. We keep our heads down and our mouths shut.

They’re tricky. You can never predict when they might come calling.

I don’t want New York problems coming here.

Disney Plus' Echo Quotes

You seem to have forgotten that the people close to you are the ones that get hurt.

There’s always war.

You used to melt like butter when I talked Indian to you.

She’s too much like her father.

Maybe you shouldn’t talk to her. Maybe you should just listen for once.

He wants to go out, so take him out.

Disney Plus' Echo Quotes

I guess we all do things we wish were different.