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Collection of HBO’s True Detective: Night Country Quotes

True Detective: Night Country Quotes

HBO’s True Detective: Night Country released its first episode of the series on January 14, 2024. I will have a review coming soon, so make sure to stop by soon to check it out. It will be linked below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the show. Check out this collection of the best HBO’s True Detective: Night Country quotes.

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True Detective: Night Country Quotes

For we do not know what beasts the night dreams when its hour grows too long for even God to be awake.

She’s awake.

We don’t need noone dying in here.

Damn right I hit him with a metal bucket. You puttin’ me away for that, hon?

Just the third day of dark and it’s already starting to get weird.

Who pays for this place?
Governement grants?
You asking me?
I’ll check on the funding.

It looks like they went to take a leak and never made it back.

What are they looking for? Digging that ice up.
I think the origin of life.
Oh, that thing.

These men disappeared 48 hours ago, at least.

My spirit animal eats old f*cking white ladies like you for breakfast.

Stop pretending that you give a sh*t now.

True Detective: Night Country Quotes

Must be nice.
Knowing we’re not alone.
No, we’re alone. God too.

You made it my business when you asked me to steal these for you.

My homebrew brings all the boys to the yard.

Next time you call, I’m not gonna pick up the phone.

You know, you really don’t have to be my mom, Liz. Think my dad would’ve understood.

You’re the one that believes in miracles. Picking up any spirit vibes?
All I’m picking up is your sh*tty attitude.

Just let her go. Let that poor girl go.

You didn’t find her. You didn’t see the hate. You could see the disgust in the way they cut her.

Travis showed me.
Travis is dead, Rose.
I know.

This guy scratched his own eyes out.

Death didn’t change him. The f*cker only comes when he wants something.

The thing about the dead is that some of them come and visit because they miss you. Some come because they need to tell you something that you need to hear. And some of them just want to take you with them. You need to know the difference.

Don’t confuse the spirit world with mental health issues.

How scared do you have to be to run out on the ice without any shoes?

You’re okay with what happened to her.

Don’t give me that, Laundromat Grandma.

You don’t go into my house to steal. You know better.

Danvers doesn’t own you. You have a family, and she’s not it. Blood is blood, Peter. Remember that.

He was raised by an animal to be an animal, so.
You come from the same sh*t, and you managed to be nice.

If you didn’t have anything, she wouldn’t want you. You have it all.

True Detective: Night Country Quotes

How did you find this place?
My spirit animal showed me in a dream, remember?

He’s alive. He’s out there.

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