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Collection of Hulu’s Death and Other Details Quotes

Hulu's Death and Other Details Quotes

Hulu’s Death and Other Details released its first two episodes on the streaming service on January 16, 2024. I will have a review of the series coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the show. Check out this collection of the best Hulu’s Death and Other Details quotes.

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Hulu’s Death and Other Details Parents Guide Review

Hulu’s Death and Other Details Quotes

If you want to solve a crime—any crime—you must first learn to see through the illusion.

All the resources of this family are at your disposal.

What is real is precious and rare.

Only a true a**h*le punches down.

I get it. You’re a garbage person. But what makes you think you have to broadcast it?

It’s not enough that people like you have to own all the beautiful things; you have to own all the ugly things too.

Here’s a stupid thing people love to say: the simplest explanation is always correct.

The world is ugly, and the people are sad.

There are temptations when you spend so much time around these people. You start to think like them, you start to act like them. But you can’t, because they have something that protects them everywhere they go.
And what is that?

The man’s on the deep end of a 20-year landslide.

If we look nervous, it means we have a reason to be nervous.

You see things. things that other people don’t even bother to notice.

This is the first time this Hoosier has left the great state of Indiana.

You Americans never parse words.
Well, we are number one is adult-onset diabetes, so good with the bad.

You wasted your money, friend.

Hulu's Death and Other Details Quotes

I’ve always been a man of few words.

You are fortunate to have such friends.
Everything has a price.

The truth. Since when did you care about that?
I never gave up on the truth. Truth gave up on me.

Coincidences are just dressed-up clues.

We can rely only on ourselves.

Then go. Sleepwalk your way into the grave. You will not leave a mark on this world if you do.

There is a reason that you and I are on this ship together.

Get back in the saddle, old man. I got us a case.

That’s the beauty of a reputation; you can only ruin it once.

We’re being investigated for murder, I feel like we should know what we’re walking into.

A bit of a jerk, yeah. Most successful men are.

You know what happened between us was real. I wasn’t faking it.
I’m not sure you know the difference.

Americans can only talk about three things. Work, where they live, and traffic. Also vaccines. They’re all amateur scientists.

My apologies. I should’ve mentioned before, I quit.

We’re not bankrupt. This is just a strategic partnership.

Just a bit of advice: tell Rufus what you know. The more everyone lies, the longer this’ll take.
You implying I have things to hide?
I hope so. I wouldn’t wanna find out you’re boring.

When I was an AUSA, my favorite part of prosecuing was the game. Two choices when building your courtroom strategy. You can keep it all a secret or you can show your cards to the other side, but you show them the wrong cards. Let them make a bad bet.

If you want to have me arrested, fine. I will be no safer locked away, and you will be no closer to the truth.

There are forces at play that you cannot comprehend.

You two f*cked. Twice.
I lost count.

Your mom would’ve loved this. Murder, intrigue, secrets. She saw the world as a puzzle to solve.

I raised her, sometimes I think badly.

Your only loyalty at the end of the day is the truth.

Nervous eyes hide no secrets. Chaoter three.

He really is hiding something.
They all are.

Hulu's Death and Other Details Quotes

Now that we’ve shone a torch on these cockroaches, they will scatter. Make mistakes. And lead us to the truth.

If it were up to me, I’d do anything for you. But it is out of my hands. I’m sorry, the deal is off.

Welcome to The Artless Detective, my second, and I am proud to say, my very best book.

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