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70+ Best Netflix’s Lift Movie Quotes

Netflix's Lift Movie Quotes

Netflix’s Lift was released on the streaming service across the United States today, January 12, 2024. I will have a review of the movie coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the film. Check out these 70+ of the best Netflix’s Lift movie quotes.

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Netflix’s Lift Parents Guide Movie Review

Netflix’s Lift Movie Quotes

Welcome to Venice.

How does it feel in the hall?
My favorite feeling.

Ready? Lift.

You can take your mask off. Come on, you can trust us.

Hold sh*t, you guys kidnapped me.
Do you feel kidnapped?

My team and I are real lovers of art.

We rescue works of art from undeserving owners.

Let’s make a toast to the world’s first heist of an NFT.

Where you’re facing 20 years to life.
Twenty years is life.

Netflix's Lift Movie Quotes

You do not get to come in here and wipe out a year of my work.
That’s literally what I’m doing right now, so take a seat and let it sink in.

He’s a thief, a conman, and a professional liar. You can’t trust him.

Took you long enough.

You stole art, Cyrus; you didn’t make it.

I have been ordered to offer you a deal.

No, you, no deal.

This is not emotional blackmail. This is blackmail, blackmail.

When you get beat, what do you do?
Accept defeat gracefully.
AKA, you go to jail or…
Look for the nearest exit.

Stop begging. It’ll just make him more inclined to violence.

I was looking at the questions that weren’t being asked.

The rules were already broken for someone like me.

I would never lift anything for anyone who doesn’t deserve to lose it.

I’ve seen you handle much worse.

I know someone. He’s a piece of sh*t, but I know someone.

You better get your boy.
I will talk to my team. But understand if we do this, it will be for you, not him.

They’ll sacrifice anyone to make a profit.

You know how much I like risks. It’s not just about us. I’m in.

They really love you.
I mean, what’s not to love? What did it take you—a week?

Rest up. Tomorrow’s the biggest lift of our lives.

Sometimes the best way to fit in is to stand out.

You really should look at your unexamined prejudices, Sandra.


She’s not done.
She’s shaking off the stealth modes, isn’t she?

Netflix's Lift Movie Quotes

I don’t do guns!

Get me a line to NATO. I’ll tell them we have an unidentified jet that’s a terrorist threat, and we need to shoot them down.
But Agent Gladwell could be on it.

We know where your money is. And we can make it all disappear in seconds. That’s why we only deal with gold. Unhackable. Untraceable.

Shoot it down.

Bang. Bang.

I’m loving every second of this.

There is your gold, right on time.

That was a clean shot through your leg, so you can still type on the computer. Next one, no more typing.

I say that all art just depends on the artist.

Enjoy prison.

I guess we’re done.

You need a lift.

You know, I didn’t trust Huxley.
You were obviously right about that.
But I always trusted you. That was never a question.

I don’t want to lose you again.

Homeboy? Got nothing.

Does it always feel this good?
It’s never been this good.