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65+ Thrilling MONKEY MAN (2024) Movie Quotes

Monkey Man Movie Quotes

Monkey Man (2024) releases in theaters across the United States tomorrow, April 5, 2024. I will have a review of the movie coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the film. Check out these 65+ of the best and most thrilling Monkey Man movie quotes.

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Monkey Man Movie Quotes

We all worship one god.

Don’t spend it all in one place.

Close your eyes, and you will find yourself.

There you are. You are a beast.

When I was a boy, they took everything from me.

In this city, the rich don’t see us. To them, we’re animals.

I need that money.

Put on a show, get the money.

Good luck getting anything out of her.

I don’t need charity; what I need is a job.

Give me the job no one wants to do, and I’ll do it.

Anyone who talks outside these walls—anyone who doesn’t know their place—it doesn’t turn out well for them.

Stay cool, Bobby. Stay cool.

There’s my CV. That’s bleach. Chemical. Oil. 

I got an answer to every prayer.

I want something small but effective.

I need you to learn some manners; you inbred ghoul f*cker.

Get this f*cking monkey off here.

If a man wishes to challenge the gods, he must become more than a man. He must become a beast.

She’s come down to guide him to the afterlife.

What about the cops?
They’re the dirtiest f*ckers.

Monkey Man Movie Quotes

I call her Nicki Minaj. Big bumper and nice headlights.

They don’t even see us. They’re out there, living.

You need to fight for your mother and for all of us.

Queeny was right; you are not like the other girls.

This is not the place to work if you cannot handle that stuff.

Stop feeding that dog. It’s going to keep coming back wanting more.

Let’s boogy.

Welcome to heaven, baby.

You wanna f*ck, huh? You want to f*ck another f*cker, huh?

One hand is devotion, the other is destruction.

They find us too unsettling.

Maybe she will speak to you.

Who is he?
He’s a nobody. Just some kid from the gutter.
Find him before your nobody becomes a somebody.

It’s been inside me my whole life.

It’s time to remember who you are.

Just one small ember can burn down everything.

Blessings from my mother.

Anger will not quiet your soul, my son.

I learned you need to destroy in order to grow.

Let me cut you open.

Only a weak man can benefit from this, only a strong man can survive it.

The pain. It will leave you once it’s done teaching you.

Go do God’s work.

You are my Hanuman.

Monkey Man Movie Quotes

You see scars; I see the courage of a child trying to save his mother.

All your life, you’ve been fighting to feel pain; now fight for a purpose.

They’re not workers; they are my disciples.

Look beneath the surface, and you will see roots.

You have nothing to fear. You have been here for a long time.

They will keep doing this.

We all must pray. God has a plan.

Put it all on the monkey.

He’s evil. He’s ferious. He’s a dark destroyer. I give you Kong!

Finally out of your tree, huh?

Did your mother send you back for more?

So, you are the one?

Why not end this cycle of violence or you will be trapped in it for generations.

Don’t call me son.

Have mercy, please.

May God forgive you now.