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Inside Out 2: Meet The New Emotions

Inside Out 2 New Emotions & The One That Didn't Make It

Get ready to embark on an emotional rollercoaster once again as PIXAR’s highly anticipated sequel, Inside Out 2, takes audiences back into the intricate world of emotions. Returning to the beloved characters we’ve all come to know and love, including Joy, Fear, Sadness, Anger, and Disgust, this cinematic journey promises to evoke the same heartwarming feels and infectious laughs that made the original 2015 film an instant classic.

After nearly a decade of anticipation, fans can finally rejoice as they reunite with their favorite emotional avatars. Executive producer Jonas Rivera acknowledges the weight of expectations accompanying a sequel, stating, “When you make a sequel, you know the audience will come to the theater with their own expectations because they’re familiar with the characters. That’s like a giant opportunity for us to deliver something that surprises people.

And surprise us they did! Inside Out 2 introduces new emotions into the mix, adding fresh layers of complexity to an already rich narrative tapestry. As audiences prepare to delve deeper into the minds of Riley and her colorful array of emotions, PIXAR once again proves its mastery in crafting storytelling experiences that resonate with audiences of all ages.

Inside Out 2: Meet The New Emotions

Ever wondered how filmmakers decide which emotions to include in a movie as emotionally nuanced as Inside Out 2? Director Mann takes us behind the scenes, revealing the meticulous process behind choosing the newest additions to the emotional roster.

Mann’s journey began by revisiting the first Inside Out screenings, searching for any discarded emotions that could make a triumphant return. Surprisingly, the initial cut of Inside Out 2 boasted a whopping nine emotions, but Mann quickly realized the need for streamlining. “There were so many emotions, and they all canceled each other out because you couldn’t keep up with everybody,” he candidly shared.

Seeking guidance, Mann turned to none other than Dacher Keltner, the emotional expert who lent his expertise to the first film. Collaborating closely, Mann presented Keltner with a curated list of potential emotions, eager for insights on which ones resonated most with the teenage experience.

Keltner’s response provided a profound insight into the psyche of adolescence: “It’s all the ones that are the self-conscious emotions.” Indeed, the teenage years mark a pivotal stage where self-awareness and social evaluation come to the forefront. As Keltner elaborates, “At this age, we’re hard-wired to be self-conscious. When we’re kids, we have parents to take care of us. Then, as we start to grow up, we push our parents and caregivers away to start to be able to take care of ourselves and become more independent.

Inside Out 2 - Anxiety

Inside Out 2 – Anxiety

Amidst the buzz surrounding PIXAR’s Inside Out 2, one character has emerged as a focal point of excitement: Anxiety, brought to life by the talented Maya Hawke. It’s no surprise that audiences are eagerly anticipating Anxiety’s debut, considering the ubiquitous presence of anxiety in our daily lives.

Director Mann sheds light on Anxiety’s pivotal role in shaping Riley’s social dynamics, highlighting the universal experience of teenage insecurity and the quest for belonging. “In an attempt to make sure that Riley is safe, protected, and ultimately accepted by others, Anxiety pushes Riley to change,” Mann explains, drawing parallels to his own adolescent experiences.

However, amidst Anxiety’s relentless pursuit of perfection and social validation, story supervisor McKenna Harris emphasizes a nuanced portrayal that transcends traditional antagonist tropes. “From the beginning, there was always this strong sense of wishing to tackle that battle against perfectionism that a lot of young girls face – that we all face,” Harris reflects. “We felt that anxiety can’t be all bad – it serves a purpose in our lives – so we treat Anxiety with empathy and compassion in our story to make sure that the character isn’t a classic film villain. She’s someone who wants the best for Riley.

Inside Out 2 - Envy

Inside Out 2 – Envy

Meet Envy, the pint-sized powerhouse of jealousy in PIXAR’s upcoming Inside Out 2. Despite her diminutive stature, Envy possesses an insatiable desire for everything she doesn’t have, making her a force to be reckoned with in Riley’s tumultuous teenage psyche.

Perpetually fixated on others’ possessions and achievements, Envy’s relentless longing and wishful thinking propel her into a whirlwind of envy-driven desires. Director Mann offers insight into Envy’s character, explaining, “Envy represents the ‘I wish’ feeling that teens know all too well. We really lean into social comparisons at this age.” This sentiment resonates with the universal experience of adolescent yearning and the pervasive influence of social comparison.

But why depict Envy as tiny? Co-director Nielsen sheds light on the creative rationale behind this decision: “Envy being tiny comes from the idea that she would always be wishing she was as tall as everyone else.” This visual metaphor cleverly encapsulates the perpetual dissatisfaction inherent in envy, as well as the feeling of inadequacy that accompanies it.

Collaborating closely with Dr. Dacher Keltner, a renowned psychologist and author from Berkeley, the filmmaking team delved deep into the complexities of jealousy. As Nielsen reveals, “Jealousy came up a lot and ended up becoming Envy because nobody really wanted to spend time with jealousy as a character.” Through extensive workshops and consultations, Envy emerged as a compelling embodiment of envy, offering audiences a nuanced exploration of this oft-ignored emotion.

Inside Out 2 - Embarassment

Inside Out 2 – Embarassment

Prepare to meet Embarrassment, the gentle giant with a blush-pink complexion. Despite his imposing size, Embarrassment is anything but bold, preferring to keep a low profile and retreat into his trusty hoodie at the slightest hint of social discomfort.

With his quiet demeanor and penchant for hiding, Embarrassment adds a unique dynamic to Riley’s inner emotional landscape. “Embarrassment is quiet to be sure and uses his hoodie as a built-in hiding place,” reveals co-director Hoffman, shedding light on the character’s endearing quirks.

Yet, don’t let his shyness fool you—Embarrassment is a powerhouse of emotion, ready to make his presence known when the situation calls for it. “Embarrassment is often an exclamation point to interactions Riley has with other characters,” Hoffman explains. “But he really comes to life when his relationship with Sadness takes off. She really sees Embarrassment. There’s a kinship.

Indeed, it’s Embarrassment’s poignant connection with Sadness that adds depth and resonance to his character arc. As Hoffman elaborates, “Embarrassment is a very sensitive character and kind of an outsider like Sadness was in the first film.” Through their shared experiences and mutual understanding, Embarrassment and Sadness forge a bond that transcends their individual struggles, offering audiences a touching portrayal of empathy and acceptance.

Inside Out 2 - Ennui

Inside Out 2 – Ennui

Boredom is Ennui’s game, and she plays it with expert precision, complete with eye-rolls and a lethargic disposition. But here’s the kicker: Ennui doesn’t even need to leave the comfort of her couch to make her mark—she can control the console remotely using her trusty mobile app.

According to story supervisor John Hoffman, Ennui’s brand of ennui will strike a chord with audiences. “It’s that every-teen feeling that you don’t care or don’t want to deal,” he muses, reflecting on his own teenage years. “Ennui has that droopy noodle posture, and she’s committed to her technology.

But don’t mistake Ennui’s apparent disinterest for irrelevance—she serves a crucial role in Riley’s emotional landscape. As producer LeFauve points out, Ennui acts as a protective mechanism, allowing Riley to downshift from high drama to a state of serene detachment. “Ennui also serves an important function by building a little distance between Riley and her parents,” LeFauve adds with a knowing smile. “I know that’s not fun if you’re the parent.”

Inside Out 2 is in theaters June 14, 2024!