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MONKEY MAN 2024 Parents Guide Movie Review

Monkey Man 2024 is an action-packed thriller with a complex lead character that viewers will easily invest in. Check out the details in my parents guide movie review.

Monkey Man 2024 Parents Guide Movie Review

Monkey Man 2024 releases in theaters across the United States tomorrow, Friday, April 5, 2024. The film stars Dev Patel (kid), Sharlto Copley (Tiger), Pitobash (Alphonso), Vipin Sharma (Alpha), Sikandar Kher (Rana), Adithi Kalkunte (Neela), Sobhita Dhulipala (Sita), Ashwini Kalsekar (Queenie), and Makrand Deshpande (Baba Shakti). The film was written by Paul Angunawela, John Collee, and Dev Patel, who also directed it. Check out the details in my parents guide movie review.

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Monkey Man Movie Quotes

Monkey Man 2024 Parents Guide Movie Review

In Monkey Man 2024: A young man ekes out a meager living in an underground fight club where, night after night, wearing a gorilla mask, he’s beaten bloody by more popular fighters for cash. After years of suppressed rage, he discovers a way to infiltrate the enclave of the city’s sinister elite. As his childhood trauma boils over, his mysteriously scarred hands unleash an explosive campaign of retribution to settle the score with the men who took everything from him.

Monkey Man 2024 Parents Guide Movie Review

Monkey Man 2024 Age Rating Parents Guide

Let’s take a look at what concerned parents need to know about the age ratings of the movie before letting their younger audiences watch Monkey Man (2024).

LanguageMonkey Man (2024) contains some strong language with profanity used throughout. Stronger words include the use of f*ck, mother f*cker, sh*t, b*st*rd, wh*re, d*mn, and more.

Mature Content: Other than the strong language in the film, there are also intense violent and bloody scenes, nudity and sexual content, as well as drug use. Characters are shown in hand-to-hand combat, wielding weapons, and shooting guns. There are many scenes that include murder and intense bodily harm to characters, including children. The scenes are bloody and gory; think along the lines of John Wick movies as far as the violence goes. There are scenes that include nudity, characters shown having sex, and characters being sold for sex. There are also scenes that show characters abusing drugs and drinking alcohol.

Age Rating of the Movie Monkey Man (2024): Universal Pictures Monkey Man movie rating has an R rating by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA rating) for strong bloody violence throughout, sexual content/nudity and drug use, and the parental guidelines advisory recommends it for mature audiences, an older audience, an adult audience, younger viewers, young adults, little kids, older kids, and teens aged 17 years and older. The suggestion of parental guidance or a legal guardian (adult guardian) for this restricted R category is highly suggested for young children, teenage children, and young kids under 17 years of age in this R-rated motion pictures for adult material. The minimum age recommendation is 17 years old.

Overall Thoughts

Monkey Man plays out as a classic tale of revenge for the death of the titular characters mother, but one that ultimately transforms into something greater: retribution for the oppressed. While always visually appealing an viscerally entertaining, the film doesn’t fully reveal it’s intetions at the outset, but rather eschews its deeper message, slowly peeling back its layers as the plot thickens.

Dev Patel’s directorial debut showcases his ability to tell a story that intrigues and entices the audience to engage, even if unfamilair with the terrain. Set in India and utilizing Hindu theology that equates Dev’s portrayal of the main character to Hanuman, a Hindu god of wisdom, strength and courage. The story’s tale is woven deftly into the movies plot, that while not always easily apparent, ends up making sense bit by bit.

Initially the movie plods along leading the viewer to assume a certain outcome, that eventually takes an exciting turn into a spiritual awakening. What follows is practically a differnt type of movie remniscent of Kill Bill or the John Wick franchise. The sudden uptick in action is refreshing right at the time it needs to be, and keeps up with the best of the genre.

Monkey Man will most definitely put Patel on people’s radar if they aren’t already familar with him from Slumdog Millionaire and more recently The Green Knight. Those that are know that his acting chops had already proven his dedication to the craft, and now they can see that his hand at directing follows close behind. 

Monkey Man 2024 Parents Guide Movie Review