Encanto Review

A sweet and wholesome tale!

– Crazy Amanda Reacts

Not only is the movie bursting with vibrant color, but the CGI animation is some of the best I’ve ever seen. At one point while watching the film, I had to do a double-take due to many of the images appearing unbelievably realistic.

Stunning Visuals

The songs in the film missed the mark for me. It is understandable that Miranda was given the difficult task to use music as a way to introduce the huge cast esemble and move the storyline along, but some of the magic in a Disney film is the catchy tunes which can stand alone as melodic masterpieces.

Lin-Manuel Miranda

The cast of Encanto is filled with a talented list of actors. Stephanie Beatriz voices Mirabel with an emotional pain that will sting viewers right in the feels, and John Leguizamo is masterful at voicing the quirky Bruno.

Talented Cast

One example is the rift between Mirabel and Isabela and the reasoning behind their tense relationship. Although these subplots were not central to the story, it was a bit jarring to viewers since there was no indication of these problems given beforehand.

Muddled Subplots

Disney’s Encanto is not a perfect film, and it contains a number of flaws. Despite this, audiences will still adore the new Disney film for all its charm and the heartfelt messages of self-acceptance and the importance of family it delivers.

Encanto Review

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