Mayor Of Kingstown Review

mayor of kingstown is brutal and gritty!

– Crazy Amanda Reacts

Jeremy Renner leads the charge, playing tough guy and ex-con Mike. Renner, who is best known for Marvel’s Hawkeye, is surprisingly in his element in this ruthless crime drama.

Jeremy Renner

The creators are not afraid to kill off popular characters. I will not spoil the “who” for anyone, but it reminds me a bit of Game Of Thrones in that respect, as I was shocked at how early on this particular character made their exit.

Killing Of Main Characters

Sheridan was on a mission to expose the total corruption behind privatized prisons, and he has cleverly used this receptacle to point out the racial injustice, socio-inequality, and barbarity within our institutionalized prison systems.

Exposing Prison System

The series is directed by Taylor Sheridan, who is a master at these sorts of hard-hitting shows with his smash Yellowstone. While Mayor Of Kingstown is not quite as good as Yellowstone, it is entertaining in its own right and takes viewers into the gritty world of danger and deceit.

Taylor Sheridan

Mayor Of Kingstown is far from perfect, which may explain its very mixed reviews. The script seems sloppy at times, and one has to wonder if there is a script at all, as there doesn’t seem to be a main storyline the show follows.

Mayor Of Kingstown Review

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