Yellowjackets Review

Yellowjackets is a modern day lord of the flies!

– Crazy Amanda Reacts

The series’ premise has a very Lord Of The Flies feel to it and is something we have seen a thousand times before. However, the creators do a fantastic job of giving this old theme a fresh take, as it flashes back and forth between present day and 1996, when the plane crashed.

Lord Of The Flies

Due to the two-timeline premise, the series can be a bit of a rough start. As the show jumps back and forth between timelines, viewers can easily get lost in the plot and characters, making it a slow burn.

Two Timeline Premise

The secrets seem a bit more than one might expect from survivors of a plane crash, like cannabalism and other gory details. These secrets seem much darker and more sinister, possibly even paranormal in nature.

Secrets Being Kept

The younger cast appears to be convincing as they navigate the difficult circumstances they are in as a result of the crash, as well as the difficulties of being a teenager. Melanie Lynskey, Christina Ricci, Tawny Cypress, Keeya King, and Juliette Lewis play the older versions of the characters. Their stellar performance is unsurprising given their status as veterans in their field.

Stellar Cast

After watching the first three episodes of the new series, there is still much to be revealed, but so far, this one has the intrigue to suck viewers in and keep them there. Sitting at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, critics definitely agree that Yellowjackets is a series worth watching. Let’s hope the final episodes live up to the hype.

Yellowjackets Review

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