The Sex Lives Of College Girls Review

The Sex Lives Of College Girls is another mindy kaling win!

– Crazy Amanda Reacts

The series includes a diverse cast of main characters as well as supporting roles. It is refreshing to see white, black, and brown girls with such a sex-positive attitude, as they become more comfortable in their own skin and figure out what and who they want in a sexual partner.

Diverse Characters

Renee’ Rapp plays Leighton, a privileged “mean girl” who is a closeted queer with an attitude.  Kimberly is played by Pauline Chalamet, a small-town girl from a low income family. Some of the funniest moments in the series revolved around Chalamet’s naivetey, as she is surrounded by big city girls who know a thing or two.

Renee’ Rapp & Pauline Chalamet

for a series that literally has “sex lives” in the title, the show includes more discussions about sex than the actual act itself. This may come as a relief to some, because who wants to watch a show that only has endless scenes of sexual adventures? Didn’t we already get that in HBO’s Real Sex?

Too Much Sex?

Alyah Chanelle Scott plays Whitney, a black girl whose mother is a high-ranking government official. Whitney’s character arc is an interesting one, considering she is also an athlete who is having a relationship with her coach. And we have Amrit Kaur, who plays Bela, a South Asian girl who aspires to be a comedy writer and have as much sex as possible.

Alyah Chanelle Scott & Amrit Kaur

The Sex Lives Of College Girls isn’t exactly new and fresh; we have seen these sorts of themes in popular series before, think of Sex In The City for a younger crowd. However, do these sorts of stories ever really get old? Especially when a young, diverse, and interesting mix of girls is introduced into the college scene.

The Sex Lives Of College Girls Review

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