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About Me

Being of Eastern Band of Cherokee decent, please consider contributing to Native American Rights Fund
The 50-year-old organization protects the rights of Native Americans. NARF holds federal and state governments to their legal obligations, consults policymakers and shapes legislation, and ensures that American Indian tribes, organizations, and individuals have fair legal representation.

Email Amanda Taylor at: Mandi4u(at)hotmail(dot)com or guideformoms(at)yahoo(dot)com

Over 5 years ago I left my full time job in Science, I hold a Masters degree in Biochemistry, to pursue my passion in entertainment writing.  I’m a huge movie buff!  If there is a show to be seen on the big screen, I have probably seen it.  Along with my movie/series reviews on my site, you can also check out my trailer reactions and video reviews on my YouTube channel Crazy Amanda Reacts!
A little over 6 years ago, my love for entertainment was taken notice and I attended my first red carpet premiere in Los Angeles.  This was the first of many times I have frequented the red carpet and movie premieres, I’ve even been blessed enough to take my family to premieres with me.  I’ve interviewed actors and actresses, from Keanu Reeves (Where I made Keanussance famous), to interviewing Oprah.
The Geekly Show
Along with my own personal entertainment achievements, I am also one of five members of The Geekly Show.  The Geekly Show is a “live” show hosted by five women with different backgrounds but the same passions… all things geeky!  In November we had our first ever retreat in Burbank California, where we hosted over 20 women who has a passion for entertainment writing, in hopes to increase female/diverse voices within the entertainment journalism field.
I have been featured in articles in: “The Washington Post” & “The Atlantic