About Me

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I am a professional working woman (holding a Master’s degree in Biochemistry) and mother of two children under the age seven.  By day, I work in a research lab; By night, I blog here at Survival Guide by The Working Mom; and all in between I spend my time raising the most wonderful kids a mother could ask for.
Juggling work, my blog, dance lessons, baseball games, work outs, cooking healthy meals for the family and tucking my kids into bed every night with a good book can all be done without spreading oneself too thin! (no pun intended)  Which brings me to the purpose of this blog….
After a ten year weight struggle and having tried every diet under the sun (including gastric bypass surgery) I am finally losing weight (over 170 pounds) the “right” way and keeping it off.  In January 2012, I began blogging about my journey to make myself accountable for my continued weight loss and it has grown into much more.  It has grown into a place to come for inspiration, motivation, delicious low calorie recipes, weight loss tips, giveaways and a little bit of funny all mixed into one.  Come join me on my journey to Loserville!