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BEST Wash Your Hands Memes Of The Internet

I am not sure I have heard people say “Wash your hands” more in the last few months then probably my entire life.  I mean we all know we should be washing our hands but it is so much more in everyones minds now that we are in quarantine during a pandemic, and keeping great hygene is one of the only ways we know to protect ourselves against it.  And of course, with any popular saying we are going to get some great memes on it.  Oh yes, the internet is a buzz with Wash Your Hands memes and I have compiled a list of them for your enjoyment!

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Wash Your Hands Memes

So, first go wash your hands. Ha! And then come back and check out all these funny memes about it.  Tell me some of your favorite that you have seen, if they aren’t on the list.  I don’t think we are going to stop seeing these for awhile, as we slowly come out of quarantine and will be once again overly cleanily to protect ourselves. 

So which one of these were your favorite? You can comment below and let me know.  I think mine has to be the Jason Momoa one, which I saved for last.  Cause you know, you always have to save the best for last!

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