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100+ Amazon Prime Video THE WHEEL OF TIME Quotes

The Wheel Of Time Quotes

Amazon Prime Video The Wheel Of Time is dropping its first three episodes on the streaming service this Friday, November 19th. I will have a review of the series coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share some of the best quotes from the series. Check out this list of 100+ of the best Amazon Prime Video The Wheel Of Time quotes.

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The Wheel Of Time Quotes

The world is broken.

The women of Isodine were left to pick up the pieces.

Don’t hurt him. It’s not his fault.

This power is meant for women and women alone. And when you touch it, you make it filthy.

The old blood runs deep in those mountains. Let’s hope it’s prepared for what’s coming.

To be a woman is to be always alone and never alone.

Trust the river.

Name yourself, stranger.

I don’t care where she’s going to. We’ll all be happier and safer when she’s there.

She thinks I’ll be able to listen to the wind if I work with her.

Never too early for your mom’s bread.

People say you’re too young to be the wizard and I disagree.

I’ve never heard anything like it.

How long does it take before the Wheel of Time turns someone’s spirit back into the world again?

All we can do is the best we can with the life that is given to us.

The wheel keeps turning, always.

Light give me strength.

The dragon has been born again, and it’s one of you.

There is a brutality to the dish.

Sometimes brutality is the only path to mercy.

You’re not the type of woman who hears “no” often.

They said the last dragon broke the world, but the next one will save it.

Words are important and how we use them is important.

It’s not that we don’t break them, it’s that we cannot break them.

The power inside you is just a smallest part of your strength. It’s your mind and how you use it that will mean much more in the battles to come.

Women like you and I, we are lucky to be able to touch it.

You don’t listen to the wind, Egwene. It’s the wind that listens to you.

Dreams have power. More than you know.

The lady does shoot fireballs. So let’s try to stay on her good side.

Children of the light holds sway whenever men walk in the light.

The light is always with you; it needs to instruction.

We can only heal others, not ourselves. It’s why we always travel together.

We will always tell the truth; it just may not be the truth you want to hear. So listen carefully.

The old blood runs deep in you. Remember that. You’ll need it in the days to come.

She’s barely breathing.

The Wheel Of Time Quotes

Touch nothing. Eat only the food you brought.

You killed us all.

If you don’t take me to them right now, I’ll slit your throat.

Where are my friends? Are they alive?

You think you know this world, you know nothing. The dark one is coming for your friends.

We can’t go back.

I said you could ask, not that I’d answer.

Get ready, because this is going to hurt.

It’s almost like they led us here.

And the reason we are in this sh*t town to begin with.

You don’t need to go there for her. She wouldn’t do it for you.

Here we are born in this dirt. Spend our lives digging in it.

Someplace new, you can be whatever you want. And no ones gonna know the dirt you were born in.

It’s not your fault, what happened.

Do you know the son?

Your welcome warms our spirit as your fire warms the flesh. We don’t know the son.

I’m not here for you. I’m here to bury Em.

This is the last time I’ll ask you, what are you doing here?

We all have desperate moments. Tell me when you’re finished.

If you are gonna take from the dead, least you can do is bury them.

The wheel hasn’t given me many choices, and the ones I made left me here.

I’ve always just done what I thought was right.

I didn’t think you’d be this sweet. It makes it harder.

Don’t let me find you hanging in a cage some day.

I see you, at night in my dreams, all five of you. But only one of you can be it.

Doesn’t matter who I am, it matters what i am going to be.

He wants you to save us.

The wheel keeps turning and we keep hurting.

The dragon has a chance to change all of that. Break the wheel, make it stop.

Suit yourself if you think fate would be better than company.

If you’re here to help, you’re too late.

Those women, they should be following me, not fighting me.

He’ll betray you, just like your parents.

There’s a place for anyone at my side, even my enemies.

You’ve held back armies. Even one wound shouldn’t have strained you.

It’s like holding a cat in the bath.

Nothing is everlasting. The wheel returns all.

Has your life been better or worse since you picked up that ax?

You know a lot for a silly Kleman.

Nothing is more dangerous than a man who knows the past.

I don’t think the Dark One has any more idea who the dragon is than we do.

We lost them. Twenty years we hunted and we lost them.

You find peace in the work. That is the honor.

What greater revenge against violence than peace? What greater revenge against death than life.

The wheel will turn out my daughter’s soul again.

A leaf doesn’t fight the wind. Sometimes the wind blows away from the tree.

You are exactly what I thought you are.

As strong as you are, your power is a trickle.

If they don’t wish to go with you, you can’t have them.

The way of the leaf against the way of the land?

You humans are very excitable.

We are all someone important under the light.

Because we humans are meant to be of this earth, to struggle and fight for everything we have. The creator never meant for us to have access to so much power.

That’s the only thing I have left of her, the pain.

Women hold the one power that men still control much of this world.

The Wheel Of Time Quotes

This is what I deserve.

Love is usually a bad idea.

Lay your hand on him. Relieve us of our grief.

A wise woman knows the breaking point of her light. Don’t push yours.

They will remember that one man fought against nine women and nine isodins.

If it’s the release of death you speak, you won’t find it here.

You will serve as an example of all other false dragons.

Our laws don’t exist to protect our lives, our comforts. They exist to protect our people from us.

Mother was once blue herself.

You dare to challenge me?

Tomorrow your reckoning comes.

He’s stronger than he has any right to be.

Is he the dragon?

Tomorrow when I call for you, come. But tell no one where you are going.

Our enemies are everywhere. Your priority has to be protecting our friends from the two rivers.

When have we ever followed the rules?

I found the dragon.

We’ve been searching for the dragon the last 20 years.

The dragon will either defeat the Dark One or destroy him.

He’s weak. Barely clinging to his power, but growing stronger every day.

Whoever comes between the dragon and the Dark One will die.

Sluan Sanche waits for only one woman, and it is not you.

The two of you have been called to greatness.

The Wheel calls you to this, whether you want it to or not.

The only thing that matters is what you do.

It is done. Now turn and face your sisters and leave this town.

There will be time for every story as we travel.

The earth itself will burn. And when the new age comes, it will be built on the ashes of the people and places we love.

Is it too late to change my mind?

There is no turning back. Whatever happens now is beyond our control.

The wheel weaves as the wheel wills.