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Collection of the Best MARDI GRAS QUOTES & Instagram Captions 2023

Mardi Gras Quotes

The big day is almost here: Fat Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent, and Mardi Gras! Down in the Big Easy, aka New Orleans, a great party will kick off in 2023 with a Mardi Gras celebration that includes traditional Mardi Gras festivities like a Mardi Gras parade, a colorful slice of King Cake, and all-out partying in the streets of New Orleans. For those wanting to send their wishes via social media, I’ve collected some famous Mardi Gras sayings and quotes to ring in the big day. Check out this list of the best Mardi Gras Instagram captions and Mardi Gras quotes to celebrate the day in 2023!

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Mardi Gras Quotes

Mardi Gras Quotes

Mark Twain

It has been said that a Scotchman has not seen the world until he has seen Edinburgh; and I think that I may say that an American has not seen the United States until he has seen Mardi-Gras in New Orleans.

Harry Connick Jr.

New Orleans is my essence, my soul, my muse. 

There’s no place like New Orleans.

Drew Brees

If you love New Orleans, she’ll love you back.

Mardi Gras Quotes

Chris Rose

You can live in any city in America, but New Orleans is the only city that lives in you.

Mardi Gras is the love of life. It is the harmonic convergence of our food, our music, our creativity, our eccentricity, our neighborhoods, and our joy of living. All at once.

Penelope Douglas

There was a change in the air. It was Mardi Gras in New Orleans, after all.

Anthony Bourdain

Ordinarily, I loathe the idea of Mardi Gras. Any kind of group celebration, anything festive involving dancing fills me with self-conscious dread. Thousands of happy drunks crowding into the French Quarter, for instance, is not for me—but Cajun Mardi Gras is another thing entirely.

Sherrilyn Kenyon

On Mardi Gras, she got his soul back and freed him. (Wulf) Oh man, that sucks. Now he’s going to have to join Kyrian on the geriatric patrol. (Chris)

Ed Muniz

Mardi Gras is a state of mind.

Mardi Gras Quotes

Arthur Hardy

It’s in our soul to have Mardi Gras.

Erin Nicholas

There were naked breasts everywhere. Literally.

Fighting a Mardi-Gras-In-New-Orleans crowd for eight blocks from Trahan’s Tavern on St. Peter to Bourbon O on Bourbon was like a man being willing to swim the Nile, climb Mount Everest, and cross the Sahara for true love.

Paris Hilton

Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins.

Mardi Gras Quotes

Ruta Sepetys

New Orleans is unlike any city in America. Its cultural diversity is woven into the food, the music, the architecture — even the local superstitions. It’s a sensory experience on all levels and there’s a story lurking around every corner.

Paul Simon

C’mon take me to the Mardi Gras, where the people sing and play.

Mardi Gras Quotes

Jonah Hill

New Orleans is like the bad-kid island in Pinocchio.

Helen Keller

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.

Famous Mardi Gras Sayings

Mardi Gras Quotes

Laissez les bons temps rouler – a Cajun-French saying that means “Let the good times roll.”

Life of the Mardi.

Mardi on.

Throw me something, Mister!

Mardi Gras Quotes

What happens on the float, stays on the float.

It’s a beads and Mardi Gras thing.

Happy Mardi Gras!

Mardi Gras Quotes

I’m kind of a bead deal.