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AppleTV+ SHARPER Parents Guide Movie Review

AppleTV+ Sharper is an entertaining heist film that is predictable but fun nonetheless. Check out the details in my parents guide movie review.

AppleTV+ Sharper Parents Guide

AppleTV+ Sharper releases on the streaming service this Friday, February 17, 2023. The film stars some big names, including Julianne Moore, Sebastian Stan, John Lithgow, Briana Middleton, and Justice Smith, and focuses on a group that pulls off heists on the rich. It is filled with twists and turns, which many viewers may see coming from a mile away, yet it is enjoyable nonetheless. Check out the details in my parents guide movie review.

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AppleTV+ Sharper Movie Quotes

AppleTV+ Sharper Parents Guide

In SHARPER, bookstore clerk Tom (Justice Smith) invites Vassar student Sandra (Briana Middleton) to dinner, setting off a series of events that will challenge their fortitude. Their lives intersect with three affluent New Yorkers who will do whatever it takes for money, power, and love.

AppleTV+ Sharper Parents Guide

AppleTV+ Sharper Age Rating Parents Guide

Let’s take a look at what parents need to know before letting their younger children watch AppleTV+ Sharper. Here is the suggestion of parental guide.

Language: AppleTV+ Sharper uses some strong language, with profanity used throughout. Stronger words include: f*ck, b*tch, sh*t, a**h*le, d*ck, d*mn, piss, and phrases like “G-d D*mn.”

Mature Content: The film surrounds characters that pull off thefts, so there are themes of stealing, false identity, and scamming people. Characters make out, but there is no nudity or explicit sex scenes to speak of. There is a scene that shows a character wielding a gun and shooting. Characters also consume alcohol, and there is one character with a heroin problem, showing scenes of being high and slumped over, but no active drug use is shown.

AppleTV+ Sharper Age Rating: AppleTV+ Sharper has an R rating.There is some harsh language used throughout, some sexual references, violence, and adult content.

Overall Thoughts

AppleTV+’s Sharper has an incredible cast with amazing performances. It comes as no surprise that much of the seasoned cast in the film, including Julianne Moore, Sebastian Stan, and John Lithgow, deliver solid and authentic portrayals that make the story believable and add to the buildup of many of the tense moments. Briana Middleton (The Tender Bar) plays Sandra, a recovering drug addict and convict who gets involved with the wrong crowd. Middleton shines onscreen and stands out in scenes shared by more experienced and well-known actors. The chemistry with co-star Justice Smith (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom) feels natural and simmering, pulling the audience into rooting for them and their relationship.

AppleTV+ Sharper is written by Brian Gatewood (Super Store) and directed by Benjamin Caron (Andor) and chooses an interesting and creative way to introduce each character in the film, giving each their own segment in a chapter book sort of way. The way the film is structured may remind many of the film Pulp Fiction, where characters slowly intercede as the pieces of the story begin to unfold. The film excels at mystery, with the audience never knowing who the imposter is or whom to trust until the very end. While much of it is highly predictable, the format makes it enjoyable for audiences and has them immersed in the story and connected with the characters.

For a heist film, AppleTV+ Sharper has an underlying sweet story that revolves around redemption and some romance. Moore, in particular, adds sexiness and a hint of sultriness to her character, making middle-aged female viewers feel a little empowered as they watch the 62-year-old feel so at ease in her own skin. None of the concepts here are new to the genre, but the acting and the pacing of the film really help it stand out amongst its peers. Its two-hour runtime flies by without notice as viewers become engrossed from the very beginning, with little to no mid-movie sag right up to the satisfying ending.

AppleTV+ Sharper Parents Guide