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25+ SHOCKING The Devil All The Time Movie Quotes

The Devil All The Time Movie Quotes

Netflix has a new film coming starring Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson called The Devil All The Time movie!  It sure is a crazy film, based off of a book, and will keep you on the edge of your seat and jaw dropped half of the time.  I will have my movie review up soon, I will link it below but in the mean time I am sharing some of my favorite quotes from the film. Yes, you know I always jot down some of my favorite ones, and this movie brought some of the most shocking ones.  So, check out my list 25+ shocking The Devil All The Time movie quotes from the film!

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The Devil All The Time Movie Quotes

When he prayed, his mind would often drift back to the war in the South Pacific and the day that he and a couple of other soldiers came across the body o Gunnery Sergeant Miller Jones.

Now, this here is supposed to be the gun that Hitler used to blow his brains out.

I have reason to celebrate, I’m in love.

Willard didn’t know that Emma had promised God that in exchange for bringing him home safe, she’d make sure he married Helen Hatton. The girls family burned up in a house fire, leaving the poor girl all alone.

I got the urge to pray again.

There’s a lot of no good sons of b*tches out there.

Them doctors can’t do your mom any good. But he can save her. If we just pray hard enough. The Lord can do anything if you just ask him right.

God had a tendency of asking men to make sacrifices in order to prove their faith.

The Lord don’t like dark places.

The Devil All The Time Movie Quotes

God, I’ve heard your word. Helen, I resurrect you with the grace of God in me, I resurrect you! Return!

Yur going to f*&^ my wife and I’m going to take some pictures. That’s all.

Boys in school liked to pick on Lenora for her pious manner and pinched face.

Arvin loved her like his own sister and he would do anything to proteft her.

Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for rightousness.

Preston loved the way people listened to him and held on to every word. He was grateful his mother decided all those years ago that he was going to be a preacher. He’d never win a fist fight but he could recite the Book of Revelation in his sleep.

That preacher’s a little flashy.

To show yourself as the Lord made his first children, is to truly turn yourself to him and his witnessing of it. Now, that’s courage itself.

I’ve been getting a lot of calls from people about girls that someone snatched out of Tecumseh. They even mentioned your name a couple of times.

I’m the law around here little sister. And that makes all the difference.

Lord knows where a person who ain’t saved might end up.

I told you I don’t like this anymore. Ain’t it fair is I hate the way some of ’em cry?

Only in the presence of death could he feel the presence of something like God.

The Devil All The Time Movie Quotes

Some girl get a feeling for a fella and lets him have her holy gift.

My advice to you girl, is you figure some way to get rid of it. Cause otherwise it’s gonna be you, a whore mother, and her little bastard child running around, living in that poor old woman’s house who raised you.

No one would know she wasn’t a suicide and that in the end, she was all right with her maker.

I ain’t gonna take the blame for no bastard child.

Carl was insistant on keeping a record of both his successes and his failures.

Some people were born just so they could be buried.

Right now he needed sleep and this felt lucky, someone was giving him a ride.

The Devil All The Time Movie Quotes