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50+ Awesome Enola Holmes Quotes

Enola Holmes Quotes

Netflix has a new movie called Enola Holmes dropping September 23rd and it is amazing!  I have a movie review coming, which I will link when it is live but for now, I am sharing some of my favorite quotes from the film. Yes, you know I always jot down some of my favorite ones, and this movie brought some really powerful ones.  So, check out my list of 50+ awesome and powerful Enola Holmes quotes from the Netflix movie!

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Enola Holmes Movie Review

Enola Holmes Quotes

The first thing you need to know is that my mother named me Enola. She insisted on it in fact. –Enola

Enola spelled backwards spells, well, alone. –Enola

She was my whole world. –Enola

Mother believed privacy was the highest virtue, and the one most frequently violated. –Enola

A week ago, on the July morning of my 16th birthday, I awoke to find my mother was missing. –Enola

The famous detective, scholar, chemist, virtuoso violinist, expert marksman, swordsman, singlestick fighter, pugilist, and brilliant deductive thinker. My genius brother. –Enola

She wasn’t returning and yet she disguised her intentions perfectly. –Sherlock

I don’t know what she wanted me to be. She’s left me too. –Enola

She needs a firm hand, Sherlock. –Mycroft

A wild and dangerous woman brought up a wild child. –Mycroft

I have kept every clipping of every case of yours I could ever find. –Enola

Mother always had a reason for everything. Her own way of doing things. And those kind of mysteries are always the most satisfying to unpick. –Sherlock

Our future is up to us. –Enola

There are two paths you can take, Enola. Yours or the path others choose for you. –Eudoria

Paint your own picture, Enola. Don’t be thrown off course by other people. Especially men. –Eudoria

I’m not entirely an idiot, you know. –Viscount Tewkewbury

Thank you Enola Holmes, for helping me here. –Viscount Tewkewbury

London. The beating heart of Englad. –Enola

Enola Holmes Quotes

I must admit, London isn’t quite what I imagine. People are a lot more.. excitable than in the country. –Enola

I must become something, unexpected. –Enola

She may have escaped us for now but I have the best Police Officers in london looking for a child matching her description. And they will find that stupid little girl and bring her back to us. –Mycroft

If there is one thing this country doesn’t need, is more uneducated voters. –Mycroft

The corset: a symbol of repression to those who are forced to wear it. But for me who chooses to wear it, the bust enhancer and the hip regulators will hide the fortune my mother has given me. And as they do so, they will make me look like that truly unlikely thing: a lady. –Enola

What makes you think that she wants to be found? Eudoria’s been hiding all her life. If she wants to stay hidden, she will. –Edith

Who is Ellie Houseman? –Enola

If you want to stay in London, be tough, be tough, live the life, but don’t do it because you’re looking for someone. Do it because you’re looking for yourself. –Edith

Try to be excited, not disappointed at the possibilities of something new. –Eudoria

Mycroft was right. You are dangerous. And Sherlock was right too. You do have a plan. –Enola

Historical perspective is the only way to begin the day. –Eudoria

It is good to care for the vunerable, but not if it means risking your life. Sometimes you have to let nature take its course. –Eudoria

When looking to travel incognito, it’s safest to travel as a widow. People are always anxious to avoid conversations about death. Widows scare them, and there’s no better disguise than fear. –Enola

Enola is own her own path and so, for better or worse, is Eudoria. –Edith

Politics does not interest you. Because you have no interest in changing a world that suits you so well. –Edith

What a family! A lost child, a puffed-up misanthrope, a revoluntionary, and yourself. No wife, no friends, just a strange occupation obsessed with footprints and coal dust. You see the world so closely, but do you see how it’s changing? The reform bill is just the beginning. –Edith

As the world becomes increasingly unstable, it feels important that these ideas of England are preserved for the safety and security of the future of our country. –Grandmother

The way a person stands may disguise who they are. –Sherlock

Perhaps she wants to change the world. –Sherlock

Perhaps it’s a world that needs changing. –Enola

Enola Holmes Quotes

The only advice I can give to you, one detective to another, sometimes you must dangle your feet in the water in order to attract the sharks. –Sherlock

She always found you quite extraordinary. As do I, Enola Holmes. –Sherlock

The choice is always yours. Whatever dociety may claim, it can’t control you. As mother has proven. –Sherlock

They’ll come a time when you have to make a hard choice. And, in that moment, you will discover what mettle you truly have, and what you’re prepared to risk, for what matters. Your movie Enola. –Eudoria

The future of the country is at stake. –Grandmother

You were made to fight. –Viscount Tewkewbury

Your time is over. –Viscount Tewkewbury

I didn’t leave you because I didn’t love you. I left for you because I couldn’t bear to have this world be your future. So I had to fight. You have to make some noise if you want to be heard. –Eudoria

I thought I was the one that was going to change the world.  –Eudoria

What a woman you’ve become. –Eudoria

Being alone means you have to find your own path. But I now see that being alone doesn’t men I have to be lonely. Mother never wanted that. She wanted me to find my freedom, my future, my purpose. –Enola

My life is my own. And the future is up to us. –Enola

Enola Holmes Quotes