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The Best and Funniest Netflix The Sleepover Quotes

Netflix The Sleepover Quotes

Today Netflix released a new family fun movie that you are sure to enjoy, The Sleepover. I will have a review of the movie up soon but in the meantime, enjoy these movie quotes! I enjoy jotting down some of my favorite quotes from movies and series I enjoyed and these really had me cracking up.  So enjoy these funny Netflix The Sleepover quotes from the movie!

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Netflix The Sleepover Quotes

Look, I’m not saying it’s because of my mom we’re in this situation, but I sort of am. Let’s take it back to the beginning. –Kevin

First I would find out who your parents are. Then I’d find out where they live. And one night, when you’re all sound asleep, I’d cut a small hole in their brake lines. So one minute you’ve got brakes, and the next, you’re rolling right through a stop sign and getting smashed into little, unrecognizable pieces by oncoming traffic. –Margot

You know what I just realized? Mrs. W and Mrs. Westenfeldt have the same amount of syllables so me calling you Mrs. W doesn’t save any time. –Ron

I think you’re secretly glad your mother never lets you go anywhere or do anything. Cause then you don’t have to put yourself out there. –Mim

You spend too much time in these imaginary worlds. Why don’t you go out into the real world and run around a bit. –Ron

Netflix The Sleepover Quotes

I’m not allowed to have processed cheeses. –Lewis

It’s not a night light, it’s an area illuminator. –Kevin

Guys, ninjas just stole your parents! –Lewis

I hate hockey. And Canadian Bacon. It’s just ham! –Kevin

Look, this is mom’s necklace. She never takes this off, ever. She’s trying to tell us something? –Clancy

One time I took two puddings at lunch. I’m a real bad boy. –Kevin

Your idea of kid stuff is like, a lot different than ours. –Mim

Look, the symbol match. This could help us find them. –Clancy

You do not make a mayonnaise based side dish and then leave it out for six hours and expect no repercussions. –Ron

Netflix The Sleepover Quotes

We were big time smugglers. –Clancy

I don’t think your mom is just a regular mom. –Mim

Remember when Kevin drank a glow stick and poison control said to give him milk? Can I get milk? –Ron

I don’t know who Dewey is, but his system sucks. –Mim

Dude, your mom is into some Da Vinci Code stuff. –Mim

Predator Mode engaged. –Computer

Is this the part where the four spunky kids go head first into the scary, dark unknown? –Mim

This is our chance to be heroes. Let’s go save my parents. –Kevin

That moral compass of yours. It’s always getting in the way of us having a good time. –Leo

This is literally the craziest night we are ever going to live. And I didn’t post any of it. Waste. –Mim