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Intense And Heartfelt Chemical Hearts Movie Quotes

Chemical Hearts Movie Quotes

Chemical Hearts movie, based on the popular book by Krystal Sutherland, is streaming on Amazon Prime this Friday August 21st!  It is a story of love, loss and teenage self discovery.  And it also brings with it some very intense and heartfelt quotes.  I jotted down some of my favorites to share with you all, like I tend to do.  So enjoy this list of some of my favorite Chemical Hearts movie quotes.

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Chemical Hearts movie review

Chemical Hearts Movie Quotes

You are never more alive than when you’re a teenager. Your brain is flushed with chrmicals that can turn your life into a story of epic proportions. An A-minus feels like the Pulitzer, a longely Saturday night is an eternity of solitude, and your lab partner becomes the great love of your life.

I just think that is what people say when they read a poem that they don’t understand.

I do not love you as if you were the salt-rose, topaz or arrow of carnations that propagate fire. I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul.

I still think it’s beautiful, but nor in the normal kind of bullsh*t way. Which I also think kind of what the poem’s about, cause Neruda’s love for her doesn’t come from like, sunshine and roses and cliche stuff. It come her flaws and perfections and darker places.

I could probably go home right now and write you something about why I’ve never has a girlfriend, like and essay or whatever.

When I look at that, it reminds me that people are just the ashes of dead stars. We’re just a collection of atoms that come together for a brief period of time, and then we fall apart. When all of this is over and we are dispersed back into nothingness we have a clean slate. It’s like having all of your sins wiped away.

Did you know that heartbreak triggers the same areas of the brain as physical pain?

There’s a reason why when every author, from Shakespeare to Salinger, write about young people, they can’t avoid the truth, that being young is so painful, it’s almost too much to feel.

Chemical Hearts Movie Quotes

All of our sh*t should be talked about.

Adults are just scarred kids who are lucky enough to make it out of limbo alive.

I can’t find the words when I talk and you can’t find the words when you write.

Sometimes it’s just easier to slip into your own dark abyss and forget the world exists.

It’s not when you realize I’m not one of your f*&%ing vases, okay?

A little beautiful creature, who might be a part of the fairy kingdom like myself, just invited me to a magical, enchanted forest. And I’m gonna take this opportunity to fly.

Don’t try to be good at it, okay? Just be here with me.

Despite my lack of experience, hope that last night just kind of meant a tiny fraction to you as it meant to me. Then also, I promise if we ever get the chance to do it again, I’m not presumptous enough to think that we will, but if we do, I promise that it’ll be better.

I needed you here. I needed your support.

Chemical Hearts Movie Quotes

Save me and I will save you.

Stop trying to help me, stop trying to fix me.

You’re doing the best you can, but you’re living in his fucking room?

Seriously, I want you exactly the way you are. But you just got to let me in and talk to me. I love you.

She’s in love with someone else.

Love, it’s a chemical reaction that comes and goes. Here’s the good news, so is heartbreak. Your brains adjusts. Your body chemistry changes back to normal.

I wonder what he was thinking about. I wonder what his last thought was.

When you are a teenager, the chemicals in your brain drive you to make decisions that rip you away from the safety of your childhood and drag you into the wilderness of adulthood.

We tend to think of scars as ugly or imperfect, as things we want to hide or forget. But they never go away.

Scars are not reminders of what’s been broken, but rather of what’s been created.

I was never going to be ready, until I was ready, you know?

I have to go find my words again.

You are an extraoridinary collection of atoms, Henry Page.

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