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The BEST Amazon The Boys Season 2 Quotes

The Boys Season 2 Quotes

Amazon The Boys Season 2 is back and I gotta tell you, it is better and bloodier than ever!  The much awaited series has definitely been worth the wait and it has also gave us fans some awesome quotes.  And yes, it comes as no surprised that I jotted down a bunch of my favorites.  I know the series has just begun, but I will be updating this list constantly when each new episode comes out.  So, check out this badass list of Amazon The Boys Season 2 quotes!

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The Boys Season 2 Quotes

Half of our own heroes don’t know they have compound V in their veins.

For today, we mourn a fallen member of The Seven. Translucent. Murdered in cold blood by the cartel Super Terrorist El Diablo.

I’m wanted and you’re kind of super famous.

He’s an actor who didn’t lie to my face everyday.

You think water is suppose to be fun? Try swimming in the Mariana Trench, you little f*&^ing idiots. Yeah, not so fun there. No, its dark and its cold. And you’re so alone.

Because even heroes need a hand once and awhile.

He’s too much of an a**hole to die.

I am going to fill Mrs. Stillwell shoes as best I can.

A differently abled member of The Seven.

What makes you think I would ever allow a cripple into The Seven?

For an extra grand, I’ll let you chop off my d*&%.

You’ve been walking around for days like you want to kick my ass, so do it already.

So, maybe I can’t be Lee Marvin. But I can be Harry Potter. Or, you know, John Connor or what’s her name from The Hunger Games.

I need you to go into the labs on 67, and steal me a sample of compound V.

Are our heads gonna explode?!

The point is, you are under a misconception that we are a superhero company. We are not. What we are, really, is a pharmaceutical company. And you are not our most valuable assest. That would be our confidential formula for Compound V. Which you, man-child that you are, released into the wild.

Well, I’ve come to see my son.

Don’t lie to me, not again.

We got a Supe Terrorist, Rayner’s blown her canister, and we’re the most wanted c*&^% in the country. But don’t you worry. Daddy’s home.

She was already dead when I blew her up.

My son is the furthest f*&^ing thing on this planet to a normal little boy.

The Boys Season 2 Quotes

We’ve never had three women in The Seven before. This is a moment. Girls get it done.

You imagine women will laugh at us, so you humiliate them first. You can’t accept your own body, so you violate theirs.

Why does it matter is heroes have a d*&^ or a vag? I mean, shouldn’t we all just, you know, be competent at our jobs? I don’t think girls to it better. I think chicks and d*&^s are in it together.

How does everyone feel about you helping your traitor fucking boyfriend escape?  Or maybe you didn’t mention that part.

I mean this in the nicest possible way, but I don’t need some f*&^ing Vought Spy Brabie sniffing around to see whether I’m a team player.

If they threaten me again, I’m going to make sure they know you’re the one that took it.

There is just no putting the toothpaste back in the tube.

Homelander and I went to this Oscar party for 12 Years A Slave. There was this producer, he swapped place cards so he could sit next to me. And he chatted me up all night. Two days later, there’s a fire in his office. They found his head in one room and his torso in another.

The things that I’ve watched him do, the things he made me do…

Mom says being lonely makes you know yourself better.

Sometimes it’s hard being superior to every other single person on the planet, sometimes it is isolating. And gods, should not have to feel that kind of pain. Because that is what we are, Ryan. You and me, are gods.

I love you son.

F*&^ this world for confusing nice with good. Be a b*tch if you want. Be whatever. Just drop the mask once in a while. Feels good. You can finally breathe.

Pippy Long Stocking would bite a D. That’s for damn sure.

Are you telling me, that her family is worth more to you than you seeing your own?

Kimiko is one of us.

It’s like V has infected you with a raging case of vagina.

Becca’s alive.

I just want you to think about me, when you are getting your skin peeled off your face b*tch.

Shining Light fights for injustice.

You come between me and my missus again, I’ll f*&^ing kill you.

You write all women as either unknowable Hitchcock b*tches or Michael Bay f*&^ dolls. I get that a lifetime of jerking off to Transformers didn’t exactly make you popular with the ladies, but a little effort would be nice.

You don’t f*&^ with the money. You never f*&^ with the money.

My mom said it was a gift. That I was born this way. But it wasn’t. It didn’t have to be this way. I could have been normal.

When we’re all done here, I’ll buy you a nice, big, family size bottle of top shelf lube and I’ll tickle your balls till you beg me to stop and even then I won’t.

The Boys Season 2 Quotes

What I did, was give you a son, that you are raising like a girl.

The night our parents were murdered, Kimiko just stopped talking.

A stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet.

You’re my second wind.

It doesn’t matter who made us, or how we got here, the point is we are here. Together. Family. You guys, you are my real family.

Hughie’s not going to make it. And you need that kid, more than any one of us. He’s your canary. You let your canary die, how you gonna know when you’ve gone too far?

Your gill is showing. Cover it up, it’s disgusting.

Hands in the air, like you just don’t care. Kill. Do it.

Open your eyes, I like to see the light go out.

You snooze, you lose Gramps.

Be your own hero. Make your voice heard. I am counting on you to show us the way. Don’t let me down.

The Seven is your team. You nutured them, you watered and fed them.

Hughie Campbell broke my f*&^ing heart. Worse than anyone ever has. And part of me wants to blast his f*&^ing face off, so no, I’m not with him.

A-Train you’re out. Out of The Seven.

I walk around The Seven Tower with this knot in my gut. Just wondering if Homelander is waiting around every corner to kill me. It’s like living with a loaded gun in my face.

Homelander said you are a man possessed. Said you have been chasing after him for years.

Oh, is it so hard to believe that I want you two to be happy? And in love? Honestly Maeve, I am really, really happy for you.

Vought wants you to feel calm and safe so that you continue to buy their sh*tty toys and drinking their sh*tty energy drinks and going to see their sh*tty movies.

I am a hero, for killing a black piece of sh*& like you.

I’m the face of The Seven. Not you.

You spent $273 million on that “Saving America” bullshit, and I am running circles around you with five guys on laptops churning out memes. I practicall pay them with Arby’s gift cards. You can’t win the whole country anymore. No one can.

The hate that you carry and the warpath that you’re on, it started so long before me.

We can’t afford to feel good or to feel safe or to let our guard down.

We’re all alone. That’s the truth.

I don’t need anyone but myself.

You’re so special, that most special man on the planet. Everybody loves you. Everybody. Their love is your strength.

The Boys Season 2 Quotes

I just thought you should know Liberty, that Supe that Raynor was looking into, turns out it’s Stormfront.

Don’t worry, girls get it done.

I used to think that you, me and Becca would grow old together. Bloody stupid. Turns out she don’t..

Your c*&t sense tingling, is it?

Look, everyone is upset about Compound V. I mean, someone was so upset, they leaked it to the press. Can you imagine how angry that person is? Whoever they are?

If they want a lesbian Ken doll, they can find someone else.

The thing that kills me is that your wife is alive. She just doesn’t want you, that’s all.

She’s no kitten. She can make her own choices.

Go be a monster.

I use to be angry, insecure and unsure. But thanks to the Church of the Collective, I now know the kind of man I want to be. The kind of man who calls out injustice when he sees it.

If you served with our amazing soldiers like I have, you would know that freedom comes at a price.

So you want to take me on do ya? Think you got the bollocks? Well come on then c*&t.

I got photos of Vought’s dirty little secret, my wife’s son, Homelander’s son. Now, you lay one f*&^ing finger on any of us, and those photos go out of the cloud and into Ronan Farrow’s inbox. And then the whole world will know that Homelander is nothing but a filthy f*&^ing rapist and Vought has been hiding his little laser-eyed bastard.

If any of these Moonies are gonna help you get back in The Seven, and that’s a big if, then you’re gonna need a woman to tell everyone that you’re not a complete piece of s*&^.

I almost threw in the towel like a bleeding twat. We’re harder than that, isn’t we?

Don’t be a p*&&^, laser my f*&^ing tits.

See? I told you I don’t break easy.

It doesn’t even matter to you because what you can’t stand is in my blood. I’m subhuman to you. Only good Supe is a dead Supe, right?

I think A-Train sabotages me my entire career. Well, you do think you’re better than me. And I fantasize about drowning you over and over again,