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Nine Perfect Strangers Quotes

HULU‘s new series, Nine Perfect Strangers is now available to view on the streaming service. Based on the novel by the same name and including some big stars, this series is expected to be a hit. I will have a review of the series coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out, it will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the series. Check out this list of the best HULU Nine Perfect Strangers quotes.

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Nine Perfect Strangers Parents Guide Review

HULU Nine Perfect Strangers Quotes

This place has won two global wellness awards, mental wellness and social impact.

I feel like we are taking this whole self-improvement thing too far.

Have we achieved nirvana yet?

Come back a whole new me. I’m sure everyone will like that one better.

I was just having a quiet moment of despair.

I can see now that you are a tragic person. Have a good day.

I can’t hate women, I am a woman. I’m crazy about myself.

Come on ladies, jump start on bliss.

You shall be new again.

We’ll get you as well as you ever felt in your whole life.

They come for the suffering.

So many rules here, I would’ve thought eavesdropping would be on the list.

Wellness retreats? Just another concept to separate rich people from their money.

We don’t really believe in random here.

You are everything I hoped for.

You have all come here to die, I will bring you back.

Death will not be your story.

HULU Nine Perfect Strangers Quotes

Part of the healing is finding the wound.

I didn’t come here to open a vein. I came here to have a little bit of f*cking fun.

I never wanted to take your pills, Tony. Just your secret.

There’s only so much surrendering I can do, Leon.

You have to seek out the wonderful, Heather, because it just doesn’t come knocking.

That’s what life is more than anything, difficult.

Pre-Industrial man, he didn’t get depressed because he was too busy working.

We are terrified of death. Not because it is unknown, but because it forces us to confront our deepest regrets.

You were afraid before you knew of my existence.

You want your life to be important, to mean something.

Do you know what they say about holding hands? It’s intimate. It can be more intimate than lovemaking even.

Today we give ourselves to the Earth.

Today is about connecting with Mother Earth. Living off the land.

Get yourself a vibrator and let off some steam.

Do you mind not saying anything to the others about my little internet scam-dom thing cause it’s just, humiliating.

Heather’s broken. Our son took his life and Heather is broken.

HULU Nine Perfect Strangers Quotes

It matters not how straight the gate, I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.

We carry on because we must, right?

You shouldn’t ever do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. That goes for anywhere, here included.

Just simple tasks that make people’s day a little better.

I feel so bad right now for hating you so.

I have five interesting women, in a beautiful setting, and I’m not the least bit present.

I think you should have an affair while you are here.

One must only eat what one is prepared to kill.

Living off the land, baby.

The exercise was to live off the land. Man as hunter and gatherer. You have exceeded expectations. Tonight, we’re gonna celebrate.

Here’s to revealing of ourselves and giving of ourselves.

Have you been medicating us?