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25 HILARIOUS Carole Baskin Memes: Netflix’s Tiger King Villain

I recently posted the quote, “Good night to everyone except, Carole Baskin” and it was shared over a thousand times!  This tells you just how much Netflix’s Tiger King villain Carole Baskin is truly hated!  There is littlerally a Facebook group which discusses just how much she is hated, and it is not all for naught.  I mean she was one of the main villains in the new series due to the fact everyone pretty much believes she killed her husband.  Carole Baskin memes are ALL over the internet, and there was even talk in one of the Facebook groups that groups are getting together to raid her zoo.  I’ve shared my Netflix Tiger King memes & Joe Exotic memes earlier, but I figured a special Carole Baskin memes post was due! And don’t forget about the new Tiger King game, Cards Against That B!tch Carole!

So here are 25 of some of my favorite and most hilarious Carole Baskin memes I have found!  And if you want a little more Tiger King information, you can also check out my Tiger King quotes post and Joe Exotic quotes, filled with over 85 shocking Tiger King series quotes! And Tiger King After The Show quotes.

Carole Baskin Memes: Netflix’s Tiger King Villain

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