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40+ Funny Happy Thanksgiving Day Memes 2023

Happy Thanksgiving Day Memes 2023

I cannot believe it is the time of year when we are wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving Day! Now I know the year 2023 is a strange one, filled with so many unknowns for many people across the nation, but we can always take the time out to be thankful for what we have and who we have around us. And although this year is very different from the celebrations we have done in the past for the holiday, we can always share some funny memes for the occasion. So check out this huge collection of 40+ Happy Thanksgiving Day memes 2023 on the internet.

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Happy Thanksgiving Day Memes 2023

I realize this Thanksgiving Day is going to be a little different this year because of COVID and just because it is 2023, the year of craziness. So, the way I get through the hard times is with a good laugh, and these memes are sure to do it! I know many of us may not be spending the holiday with the people we love, but send them a Happy Thanksgiving Day message regardless. Did you have a favorite meme from this list or even one you saw that cracked you up, and you think I should add it to the list? I am constantly updating this list, so I would love to include more, especially because this year we need the laughs from funny memes the most. So, send them along, and happy Thanksgiving!

come late food still not ready on thanksgiving

When you come late to Thanksgiving Day dinner and the food still isn’t ready.

thanksgiving day side of wine

I’m bringing a side of wine for Thanksgiving dinner.

pack whole turkey on carry on luggage

Packing a whole turkey on my carry on.

scary movie 2 mash potatoes thanksgiving

farmer unfriended turkey on thanksgiving

Something is up, the farmer unfreinded that turkey on Facebook on Thanksgiving.

turkey thanksful for vegetarians on thanksgiving

Turkeys be thanksful for vegetarians.

pop up timer or glad to see me turkey

Is that your pop up timer or are you just glad to see me?

Happy Thanksgiving Day Memes like turkey for breast

fried turkey always burnt

Happy Thanksgiving Day escaping to the bathroom with phone

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

all about that baste turkey

turkey eating turkey on thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Day Memes

may your turkey be moist on thanksgiving

May your turkey be moist this Thanksgiving.

jabba the hut thanksgiving day turkey

Happy Thanksgiving Day Memes f you

i came in like a butterball on thanksgiving day meme

I came in like a Butterball.

Happy Thanksgiving food is ready funny

driving to the inlaws on thanksgiving

having to see relatives on thanksgiving

Having to talk to relatives on Thanksgiving got me like….

when cops finds out you got a turkey that serves 10 people

thankful for food on thanksgiving

more servings for thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving turkey candle light vigil

I may attend this turkey vigil.

Happy Thanksgiving where children eat only a roll

skinny turkey tees for thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day Poem

Thanksgiving and family dysfunction

cat waiting for thanksgiving dinner

turkey hiding for thanksgiving

grandparents arrive early for thanksgiving

turkey with a neck tattoo

Broke but hosting thanksgiving

thanksgiving got me like carbie barbie

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