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40+ Shocking SEARCHING Movie Quotes

SEARCHING Movie Quotes

The weekend I watched the new HULU film call Run movie, it was amazing and I heard it was the same writer and director who was responsible for Searching movie. So, you know I had to check that one out too!  Long story short, it was even better!!!  I had to jot down some of the shocking quotes from the film. Check out this list of 40+ shocking Searching movie quotes!

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SEARCHING Movie Quotes

Everybody’s grounded!

Oh this, healthy and oraganic jar of oregano?

Why did you leave your laptop at home?

Margot Kim cancelled her lessons 6 months ago.

Did they all ditch school? I tell you if they did Isaac is in big trouble.

We are taking this very seriously, and as a parent myself I can only imagine.

She has friends, right?

What is a tumbler?

She’s acting like a totally different person.

What are you hiding?

Does the name Rachel Jeun ring a bell?

It’s time to start considering the possibilty that Margot ran away.

I know my daughter. She did not run away.

It’s Uxie. It can wipe out memories and it’s pretty cute.

Best place in the world to do nothing.

SEARCHING Movie Quotes

Today is this mega babes birthday.

I didn’t know her. I didn’t know my daughter.

I hope you know how thanksul I am that you were assigned to us.

Best place in the world to do nothing.

I need you to stay calm, we are going to figure this out together.

Margot Kim was not inside.

$2500 cash was found in a manilla envelope on Margot’s passenger seat.

I feel like these problems usually start in the household.

Looking at all the things that happened to Margot, I just thought they could use my help.

We can’t have someone this cose to the case be involved in it.

Get some sleep, Mr. Kim.

Has anybody even considered the possiblity it was an absolute stranger?

Weed. I was smoking her out.

You gave drugs to my daughter?

She needed you to talk to her, not the other way around.

I just thought it would fix itself.

Vick, who is this guy?

This had nothing to do with you.

What’s YouCast?

You said she volunteered. I was led to believe she was assigned to the case.

SEARCHING Movie Quotes

I made a big mistake. I think I need to call 9-1-1.

He liked her sine grade school. Knew all about her life, her interests.

She was a good kid.

Mommy’s gonna take care of everything.

Which is why I needed a confession. it was the only thing I knew to make it stop.

Do you know what prison would do to someone like him? He made a mistake.

Two days, she would only have to live without water for two days.