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55+ Archaic THE CROODS: A NEW AGE Quotes

THE CROODS 2 A New Age Quotes

The Croods: A New Age is coming to theaters this Thanksgiving!  This sequel will surely be a fun film for the entire family to enjoy. I will have a review coming soon, it will be linked down below, so be sure to stop back by and check it out! In the meantime, I jotted down some of my favorite quotes to come from the film. I love me a good line for a movie and this one had many of them, as you can see by my long list. Check out these 55+ Archaic The Croods: A New Age quotes!

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The Croods: A New Age Parents Guide Review

The Croods: A New Age Quotes

Follow that light and you will find tomorrow.

It’s been a lot of moons, all the moons.

In my defense, I’ve been living in a cave my whole life.

He gives me a funny feel, like I have butterflies in my stomach. Not just the ones I had for lunch but other butterflies.

You never take the canyon.

Guy always say, the pack stays together.

Wasn’t he the one that gave us fire? Now he is useless.

The pack is stronger together.

I was thinking about tomorrow, our tomorrow.

It means you only smell the feet you want to smell.

Never apologize for an effective kill circle.

THE CROODS 2 A New Age Quotes

It’s not the end, it’s just the beginning. Welcome to our tomorrow!

Don’t get too close, who knows what kind of weird beyond the wall creatures they are.

There’s a “Better-men” way.

We call that a window.

I never had a girl friend before!

Is this that privacy thing you were telling me about? This feels kind of far…

Time to watch some late night window.

If you give this place a chance, you might actually like it here.

This place is changing everyone.

I don’t know if cave people belong in a modern world.

It’s called a shower, you should try it.

In my day we didn’t stare at birds, we fought them.

Woah, peanut toe.

My parents won’t let me have scars and that’s why they built the wall. to keep me safe.

Let’s jump more stuff.

We didn’t want you to think we are a family of savages.

If no ones died by breakfast, it’s a win.

I get it, I was skinny.

Honestly, it sucks out there. If no one’s died before breakfast, it’s a win. It is so much better in here.

I got scars!

THE CROODS 2 A New Age Quotes

Because privacy promotes individuality.

This place is home. This is the palce my parents wanted me to find. This is tomorrow.

The bananas were key to our survival, the bananas were keeping us safe.

Dad needs us.

If you are going to eat us, you should eat the fat ones first. He ate more bananas.

We are lost. This is why you don’t follow cave people.

He’s a boy. He’s stupid. It’s different.

Every time I have been hurt before, it leaves a mark I can see. I have been hurt so much and I can’t even see it.

Come on stabby, time to get stabbin’.

Perhaps the window in which I view the world, is flawed.

Great, now they have spears AND fire!

This isn’t a monster. It’s a mom.

I can’t believe he would choose a tree over me.

I gave you a passive aggressive basket. Who does that?

Like you messed up my beautiful teenage romance.

You can hide from your family but you can’t hide from me.

Mom! You’re hair! It’s massive and wild and I love it!

You built a wall around your family, but you also built a wall around your heart.

What would the thunder sisters do?

THE CROODS 2 A New Age Quotes

I am bog water.

I spent my whole life searching for a place my parents wanted me to find, and I found it. Now all I can think about is Epp.

Banana bros!

Tomorrow isn’t a place, it’s a person. It’s you Epp. You are my tomorrow.

You know what, that’s not my real toe.

Our baby’s leaving.

Dad was right afterall. We are stronger together.