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55+ Heartbreaking Amazon Studio’s UNCLE FRANK Movie Quotes

UNCLE FRANK Movie Quotes

Amazon Studio’s Uncle Frank movie is now available to stream and let me tell you, it is awesome and a bit heartbreaking! I will have a movie review coming, it will be linked down below, so be sure to stop back by and check it out. In the meantime, this film have me so emotional I jotted down some of the best quotes from it. I love me a good line and let me tell you, this one had some tear-jerker moments. Check out my list of 55+ heartbreaking Amazon Studio Uncle Frank movie quotes.

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Uncle Frank Parents Guide

Uncle Frank Movie Quotes

My favorite part is, “Her hand closed around an enormous blood-gorged pole of muscle.” –Beth

Nobody else in my family ever seemed interested in me. –Beth

He was the only adult I knew that looked me in the eye. –Beth

Uncle Frank was good at hiding how much it hurt him. –Beth

You gonna be the person you decide to be, or are you gonna be the person everyone else tells you you are? Cause you get to choose. You do. –Frank

There is so many things Beth can accomplish beside being a majorette. –Frank

Hell, I’m just glad you ain’t black. –Mike

It’s all just beginning for you Beth. –Frank

I’ve decided I’m gonna be who I want to be instead of letting other people dictate who I am. –Bruce

I can’t believe you are still pissed at me for getting to meet Frank’s brother’s family. –Charlotte

Don’t you ever take credit for my cooking, Charlotte. I mean it. –Wally

He’s such a snake. He’ll figure out a way to stay in power. –Bernard

Do you honestly believe that I’ll risk my job, my relationship, my entire life just to have sex with you? –Frank

My blow jobs are like poetry. –Bruce

I’m gay. And so is Wally. –Frank

UNCLE FRANK Movie Quotes

Bruce tried rather inepylt to seduce me, and he seemed unwilling to take no for an answer. So I hope you weren’t too invested in him, because he seems a little not worth it. –Frank

You came out to Beth tonight. –Wally

I’m a good Southern boy, bacon’s in my blood. –Frank

I’d appreciate if you didn’t tell anyone in the family about me. –Frank

Your bacon smells like death. –Wally

Frank, that’ll break your mother’s heart. You need to go. –Wally

You need me for this. You know you do. –Wally

He saved my life. –Frank

Just none of the boys I’ve known seened worth the trouble. –Beth

Did you always know you were gay? –Beth

You forgot your razor and your favorite tie. –Wally

I don’t want to be a part of my family. –Frank

I use to fantasize about different ways I wanted my father to die. –Frank

Why is your Uncle so odd? –Wally

Don’t you get exhausted? Being nice all the time? –Wally

You don’t need these men’s permission to play with me. You need mine. Which I will never, ever give you, because you are presumptuous and disrepectful. –Beth

You’ll have to forgive Wally, Beth. In the country that he comes from, they like to wrap women up in sheets and lock ’em away because they’re just too dangerous. –Frank

You know he can’t hurt you anymore. –Wally

That old fart will call the Police. They will put us in jail. –Frank

Do not tell Wally I’m drinking. –Frank

He’s the best friend I’ll ever have. –Mike

UNCLE FRANK Movie Quotes

I was shaking like an old hound dog trying to sh*t out a peach pit. –Mike

I’m not sure that’s your decision to make Kitty because Beth is an adult now and she gets to make up her own mind. –Frank

If I ever had a reason to drink, this would be it. –Frank

I won’t go through it again. I won’t. –Wally

I don’t want you seeing that Lassiter boy again. If I find out you are, I’ll kill you both. –Mac

You’re gambling with your very soul, son. Opening yourself up to that sickness. –Mac

It’s perversion. God himself will turn his back on you. Cast you into that lake of fire. –Mac

To my oldest son, Francis MacKenzie Bledsoe Jr. I leave nothing but disgust with the filthy and unnatural perversion he engages in with other men, and shame that he carriers my name.

We have to stop now if we want any chance to be normal and not end up perverts. –Frank

There are people who love you. –Wally

Couldn’t even say it to my face, could you? Coward. –Frank

You have me. I’m your family and you’re mine. –Wally

So years ago when you told me I should be what I want to be, not what other people want me to be, that was just bullsh*t? –Beth

Who the f*&^ is this guy? –Mike

UNCLE FRANK Movie Quotes

I got two words for you. No problem. –Mike

Oh God, you smell so good. Do you all smell good? –Kitty

He was a backwards bobby like you.  You’re not the only one. –Aunt Butch

I know that that is the very best that you’re capable of. –Frank

You are my precious gift from God and nothing will ever change that. –Mammaw

I’ve wanted to meet you for so long, Mrs. Bledsoe. And I’m sorry for your loss. –Wally

I realized in that moment we were all exactly where we were supposed to be. –Beth

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