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HBO Max has a new series called The Flight Attendant and let me tell you, it is amazing! It stars Kaley Cuoco, known as Penny from The Big Bang Theory.  I will have a series reviewing come, so make sure to stop back by and check it out, it will be linked down below.  In the meantime, check out some of the best quotes from the series. I love me a good line from a movie and series and this one had some great one! Check out this list of some of the best HBO Max The Flight Attendant quotes from the series!

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HBO Max The Flight Attendant Quotes

Someone was paying attention when the Captain made his annoucements. Good job.

What’s wrong with messy?

Alex, what did we do last night?

Are you talking about Amanda Knox?

You know how I love to help you with late night trivia when the internet exists.

You honestly can’t think of one thing you did wrong?

That’s just the new Air Marshall, it’s his job to stare at things.

I served him and he wanted a Scotch on the rocks. A bunch of them.

I never date but when I do, I make bad choices.

You saw a man you slept with, bleeding from the throat, dead today. Very, very dead.

I can’t do this anymore. You are going to go home and be a new person.

Where is my ID? Where is my f*&^ing ID?

I think we both get that I am not exactly the Alex you were with that night.

Apparently, theywould like the authorities to speak to us.

Did you like, try to flee?

Well, he’s the type to order an extra olive, if you know what I mean? Sure downtown fluff.

Fleeing an interview is not the best way for us to meet.


There was someone else there.

A business associate might stop by later to chat about our meeting tomorrow. Her name is Miranda. Just in case.

It is shocking but people get murdered everyday, so.

Don’t be mad but I might have implied you were flirting some and that he might have slipped you his business card but that’s it.

Finding Miranda and getting some answers, that’s what feels important right now.

Why is our night together such a blur?

Was I suppose to retain counsel?

Why the f*&^ did you clean everything up?

Cassie is the one that slept with that dead Russian guy, right?

She seems like a nice lady, she’s not a nice lady. She’s not your friend. The FBI goes very slow, they want you to f*&^ up. We want to know what they know.

My dad always said, you should be the fix not the hitch.

People in space know it’s my picture.

I don’t want to be this person.

It’s a thing that happened and it doesn’t define you.

I am disappointed with your aggressive attitude during that interview.

Someone seems to like my aggressive tactics during interviews. Because I have been here half as long as you and we have the same job.

You think flying to Rome is going to magically make all of this go away?

I really want to talk about the rabbits you saw when you were running out of that building.

We have to find a new way to communicate, this is not working for me.


Not to be dramatic but I just had this idea, that maybe this trip is a bad idea.

It just seems like your lifestyle may be a little too intense for us.

Are you okay? Because I need to know before you are around my girls.

If you die, your mother is going to kill me. And I don’t want a double funeral with a boy named Mason.

I’m not saying stalker but… stalker.

I just got an alert about your memorial service.

I’ve been keeping so many secrets, its good to talk to somebody about other things. Ya know?

You are a fun, kind and beautiful woman.

Is that a challenge or are you just dropping a hint that you’re single.

If your last girlfriend was Miranda than your mom can confirm she is real.

When we find out she killed him, I’m gonna do a little dance.

Think about your life choices.

We don’t call women b*&^%es. That is a phrase used by deliquent f*&^ boys and sometimes politicans. She is my friend, she is confused.

Is this your father’s wake?

Get out of my childhood memories!

My son never dated Miranda Croft. Never mention that name to me again.

We basically live together and I just met her, so she can’t be that much of a best friend.

So, your family is terrifying.

You can’t tell anyone that I came here okay? It’s f(*&ing crazy, I know that now. I’m sorry.

Hi. I’m Miranda.


I saw her, I saw Miranda.