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Pixar LUCA Easter Eggs & Fun Facts From Cast & Creators

Pixar LUCA Easter Eggs

Disney Pixar’s LUCA is coming exclusively to Disney Plus streaming service today, Friday June 18th. In honor of the films release, I was able to attend the press junket with the cast and creators of the film to discuss behind the scenes fun facts, easter eggs and much more! Check out these Pixar Luca Easter Eggs and fun facts with the cast and creators of the movie!

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Pixar Luca Quotes

Pixar Luca Coloring Pages

Participating Talent

  • Jacob Tremblay (voice of “Luca”)
  • Jack Dylan Grazer (voice of “Alberto”)
  • Maya Rudolph (voice of “Daniela,” Luca’s mother)
  • Jim Gaffigan (voice of “Lorenzo,” Luca’s father)
  • Emma Berman (voice of “Giulia”)
  • Enrico Casarosa (Director)
  • Andrea Warren (Producer)

Pixar LUCA Easter Eggs

Every Disney movie including Pixar, fans know to look out for Easter Eggs dropped in the film and Pixar LUCA has its share of fun ones to look out for!  During a press conference earlier this year, Director Enrico Casarosa shared some fun Easter Eggs from the Luxo Ball to even some from the Italian Riviera. Check out a list I compiled, including some I spotted on my own!

  • Enrico Casarosa says, “We always put a little Luxo ball, we always put some special names and numbers like A-113.”
  • There is a well-hidden Pizza Planet truck, let me give you some background – it’s more toward the third act of the movie.
  • Movie posters like La Strada and Roman Holiday hanging in the town to express love “of that golden era of film and cinema in Italy.”
  • Music of the 50s and 60s in Italy was used.
  • Casarosa used the opportunity to design the signs with their beautiful homages to all our favorite filmmakers and writers.
  • Via Revello sign in movie which is a street name in Torino Italy.
  • Gray cat laying on the concrete just before the dock which looks a lot like the cat from Toy Story 4.
  • Hank the Octopus from finding Dory is in the concrete wall in one shot, with the number 16 address which is the year Finding Dory came out.
  • Number 19 on a building, which is the year Toy Story 4 came out, another reference to the cat Easter Egg.
  • License plate on the Vespa scooter reads 5220, flip arouns you get 0225 or Feb 25th which is the day the first Luca teaser came out.
  • Giana’s father has a tattoo on his arm which looks like a Giovanni Maglioli painting of sea monsters riding the waves.

Pixar LUCA Easter Eggs

Fun Facts From Luca Cast & Creators

Check out these fun behind the scenes facts learned during the Pixar LUCA press junket with the cast and creators of the film!

  • The pandemic forced the cast and creators of Luca to work from home, even recording from home.
  • Jack Grazer recorded his part in his mom’s closet.
  • Maya Rudolph says of her character, she is a fierce protector of her children too, just like any parent.
  • Jim Gaffigan kids were impressed by is the fact that he is in a Pixar movie.
  • Jacob Tremblay was a lucky one and was able to record from a studio in Vancouver and began recording before the pandemic hit, so he was able to visit Pixar Campus.
  • Alberto’s sea monster tail is inspired by a bluefin tuna which is a fast swimmer with sharper lines.
  • Jacob Tremblay  learned to use his words to silence his anxieties thanks to Luca.
  • Alberto is based off of a real life friend of Enrico Casarosa when he was younger.
  • Emma Berman says she feels like the luckiest girl alive to be a part of a Pixar film.

Pixar’s Luca Movie Synopsis

Set in a beautiful seaside town on the Italian Riviera, the original animated feature is a coming-of-age story about one young boy experiencing an unforgettable summer filled with gelato, pasta and endless scooter rides. Luca shares these adventures with his newfound best friend, but all the fun is threatened by a deeply-held secret: he is a sea monster from another world just below the water’s surface.

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