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Disney Plus’ 22 VS EARTH Quotes, Easter Eggs & More

22 Vs Earth Quotes, Easter Eggs

Disney Plus’ new short 22 Vs Earth drops on the streaming service today, April 30th. Since the success of Soul movie, even winning an Academy award this month, fans have been drawn to Tina Fey’s character 22. The new short is just over 5 minutes long and follows 22 as she puts together a group of Souls who are against the planet Earth. It is an adorable short, and of course I had to collect some of my favorite quotes from it. Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to interview director of the new short, Kevin Nolting and find out some fun facts, Easter Eggs and more! Check out the details of my interview on 22 Vs Earth quotes, Easter Eggs and more!

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22 Vs Earth Easter Eggs

Everyone loves a good Easter Egg, especially when it comes to Disney movies, so I had to ask 22 Vs Earth director Kevin Nolting if he would share any fun Easter Eggs we can look out for in this short. He was able to share one of them with us, he was able to incorporate his favorite movie Apocalypse Now, into the short and there was even a quote in the short where you will hear Souls yelling out the phrase. There are some other Apocalypse Now references and Easter Eggs, such as the name of the group 22 creates is named APOCALYPSE, which is a very cute acronym.

22 Vs Earth Easter Eggs

More Easter Eggs Spotted

  • The young Souls wear masks which resemble The Incredibles masks.
  • When 22 takes the Souls to the cafe, there is a trolley car which resembles The Trolley Car Cafe at Disney World.
  • There is a balloon which resembles the balloon in the Disney PIXAR’s film Up.
  • When 22 tells the Souls to steal items, there is a fire truck shown which resembles Red from Disney PIXAR’s Cars movies.
  • There is a horse in the room which 22 gathers with the Souls, which may be an accolade to the horsemen from Apocalypse.
  • In the room where 22 gathers with the other Souls in Apocalypse, name tags are dorned on the wall. One has to wonder if those are the names of anyone who worked on 22 Vs Earth and/or Soul movie?

22 Vs Earth Quotes

Do not go to earth, it’s not worth it. That place is dirty and wet and lonely and…

Stay here with me if you want to get funky.

She has no reason to live.

How would you like it if I would stop souls from visiting you. Then they would have to stay here with me.

You are mindless blank slates

You have been selected to be members of a secret organization who’s only purpose is to prevent souls from going to the dumb planet known as earth.

We shall be know as, The Apocalypse.

The Apocalypse is now, follow me.

Our mission, stop souls from discovering their inspiration.

Steal everything you can.

Driving is fun.

I told you to steal, not be inspired.

I thought I was Peanut.

You have no original thoughts and I like that.

Deny everything.

These aren’t my friends, I’ve never seen them before.

I’d hate to be that dog’s parents.

None of my friends stay my friends, they all leave me.

You won this round you dumb planet.

What is the meaning of life?

22 vs earth

About 22 Vs Earth

Set before the events of Disney and Pixar’s “Soul,” 22 defies the rules of The Great Before and refuses to go to Earth, enlisting a gang of five other new souls in her attempt at rebellion. However, as her cohorts’ activities lead to unexpected results, 22’s subversive plot may actually lead to a surprising revelation about the meaning of life.

22 VS EARTH Quotes, Easter Eggs

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