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Disney’s US AGAIN Easter Eggs & Fun Facts

Disney's US AGAIN Easter Eggs

Disney’s Us Again is a new short that will be playing before Raya And The Last Dragon. It is a beautiful short with an even more beautiful message! I had the opportunity to attend the Disney Us Again press junket, where we learn all sort of behind the scenes details, Easter Eggs in the short and more! Check out all the details!

Participating Talent

  • Zach Parrish (Director)
  • Keone & Mari Madrid (Choreographers/Dancers)
  • Brad Simonsen (Producer)

Raya And The Last Dragon Easter Eggs

Raya And The Last Dragon Review

“Us Again,” a vibrant and original new theatrical animated short from director Zach Parrish that brings together dance, music, emotional storytelling and inspired animation, is set to debut exclusively in theaters worldwide beginning on March 5, playing on the same bill as Walt Disney Animation Studios’ (WDAS) newest animated feature, “Raya and the Last Dragon.”

Disney’s US AGAIN Easter Eggs

You will see some fun Easter Egg in the US AGAIN short, some Disney related and some not. Here are ones discussed during the junket:

  • Fantasia is playing ‘Rhapsody In Blue‘ which is one of the big inspirations for US AGAIN. It is actually playing in the background on a movie screen during one of the montage shots.
  • Viewers will see set dressing in the apartment from other films.
  • A Tangled stein the crew received as a gift is sitting in a shelf in one of the shots.
  • Decorations in the apartment are very specific, not Disney but specific in design.
  • The pier in the short is very similar to the Santa Monica pier with the Big Ferris Wheel. However, it is not an exact replica.

More Us Again Fact

  • Zach Parrish first came up with the concept of the short because he was starting to come to terms with his age. He stated that if he is constantly looking in the past, he will miss out on the beauty of now.
  • Both Zach Parrish and Brad Simonsen are in interracial relationships, so portraying this in the short was very important to them.
  • On the concept of rain: “When thinking about water as a fountain of youth, the rain felt like a perfect fit as it makes you feel like a kid again.” 

Us Again joins Raya and the Last Dragon in theaters on March 5th and comes to Disney+ this June!