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85+ Best AppleTV The Mosquito Coast Quotes

The Mosquito Coast Quotes

AppleTV+ The Mosquito Coast, starring Justin Theroux, dropping on the streaming service Friday, April 30th! I will have a season 1 review of the series coming soon, so make sure to stop back by, it will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the series. I love me a good line and collected some of the best to share with you! Check out this list of 85+ of the best AppleTV+ The Mosquito Coast quotes.

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The Mosquito Coast Parents Guide Review

AppleTV+ The Mosquito Coast Quotes

Question of the day, how do you make ice from fire?

Water, fire, decent vacuum seal. No waste.

Are we gonna be rich?

You want me to say we had a bond?

No phones, that’s the point.

There is energy in there.

It’s used cooking oil, yeah it’s legal.

Do you have the proper qualifications to homeschool your son?

You gotta think of cops like a strange dog, most of the time you gotta be nice but good practice to assume they are gonna bite until you are damn sure otherwise.

He loves an opportunity to be stoic.

I look at their face and I see my dad.

Dad is so smart, how did we get to be so poor?

I’ve seen that car before.

What are we doing here?

Those people aren’t from the bank.

I’m not a dog, mom.

It’s not like the law actually matters to you.

What did he do this time?

If it didn’t feel that way, it wouldn’t be an adventure.

We gotta get up high.

The Mosquito Coast Quotes

No one wants to fix things anymore. Nothings built to last.

Their people and we throw them away.

We are going to chase the weather down to Mexico.

We’re not your family, dad. We’re your audience.

I just need to call grandma, tell her I’m not coming.

The best things you can do now, for yourself, for your brother, for your mom and dad, is to tell us where you are.

Dad got busted.

What do you think he did?

We need to tell them.

If Hector says that you’re my guy, then you’re my guy.

Do you like living on a leash?

It’s not about where you’re from, it’s about where you’re at.

If we knew what we were doing, we’d be at home playing XBOX.

We don’t really watch movies or TV shows. We usually just read books and stuff.

If you cross the boarder, you and your kids are going to die.

You’re no good to the kids if you are dead in the desert.

You don’t run away to Mexico because you got a parking ticket.

He’s going to be the end of you.

Go home. Please.

Nothing in there can hurt you.

It’s bad luck. You can’t disturb them.

I don’t think they are guarding the house. I think they are watching us.

It’s safer here than in France.

I think we should leave tomorrow.

Where’s my son? I need to find my son.

I saw it in his face, he made a deal.

I wiped his sweet little behind when he was a baby in my arms.

The boys will be perfectly safe.

You know we won’t leave without him.

He won’t be back until I say so, if at all.

I long time ago I use to work for the NSA.

Here’s whats going to happen…

Take your shoes off.

I’m taking the car because I have to find my daughter before they do.

You are America a**h*le and you will never get away from that.

Nothing to be afraid of, you did good.

The Mosquito Coast Quotes

It’s going to be a whole lot better. Promise.

We need you to steal us some money. We need money.

You think anyone would come to my memorial service?

I’m a little nervous.

If I don’t eat, I’m literally going to die.

I bet you I could rob a casino.

My brother has seen more sh*t than you will ever.

We’ve been watching, you have a tail.

They were raised in captivity, they wouldn’t know how to be free.

How much do you remember about being little?

I don’t remember mom being pregnant or anything. Isn’t that weird?

That boy is your brother in every way that matters, just not biological.

I’m not talking about the kids feelings, I’m talking about people getting bullet hurt.

I actually thought I could do some good in the world.

You promise and promise and never deliver and part of that is my fault, I let you do it.

Lets do something normal for 5 minutes. Take a breath, make some smores.

I want the man alive. The father. Kill the others if you have to.

Jeus christ, dad. Shut up and lets go.

Lock yourself in the bathroom.

It’s the cops we need to be scared of right now.

You don’t owe those people anything. They lied to you.

They grift you into thinking they like you.

It’s about control, controlling you. The best grifters in the world, they understand about control.

They love you as long as you are buying the bullsh*t they are selling you.

It’s lovely to live on a raft.

Do you ever think about us? About what we might want?

Anyone who needs a gun has already lost the argument.

Is there anyone I can call to help you?

What did you mean? How is this your fault?

Steal a truck, drive it straight through the walls.

You don’t need to apologize.