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60+ Outrageous Amazon Frank Of Ireland Quotes

Frank Of Ireland Quotes

Amazon Prime Video new series Frank Of Ireland is coming to the streaming service this Friday, April 16th. I don’t want to give too much away, I will have a series review coming soon so make sure to stop back by to check it out, it will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share some of the most outrageous quotes from the series. I love me a good line and this had some crazy ones! Check out this list of 60+ best and most outrageous Amazon Prime Video Frank of Ireland quotes.

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Frank Of Ireland Parents Guide Review

Frank Of Ireland Quotes

Shove it up you d*ck, Mary.

Some day a big rain will wash away all the scum off the street.

The last thing I want to do is get back with that nightmare you call a daughter.

Is she stuffed? She looks stuffed, so realistic.

You don’t want me, you just don’t want me to be happy without you.

I love her, Frank. I love her.

Frank Of Ireland Quotes

You kicked her in the gee, Doofus.

Lets get you into some pants.

Teaching me the basics of unarmed combat.

I’ll freestyle this motherf*ck*r.

Don’t talk to me about out-of-order when you were halfway up my mom yesterday.

You have to learn to think of other peoples feelings.

Maybe I lost my musical cohonas.

Don’t call Mary a MILF, Frank.

Hows life with fancy pants?

It’s just a photo of his penis.

It’s a pity all my family are dead.

When you are under my roof you live under my rules.

Mary’s escaped.

If she dies it’s all your fault, you idiot.

To find Mary, we need to think like Mary.

Turns out Tender is mostly pictures of t*tties.

Nice jelly for an old bird.

Was that your d*ck in the photo?

I might take off these clothes now, I don’t feel very nice.

Frank Of Ireland Quotes

Is this a metaphor?

Of course he’s cheating on Anya, all we have to do is catch him in the act.

It’s Doofus poo.

She’s moving on, Doofus. I’m losing her.

What’s the point of me doing my chores if I give back my pocket money as rent?

What’s a podcast?

I actually like myself when I am with him.

I shaved my pubes, okay?

Whatever you choose to share with us, our lips are sealed. Whether is be with men, women or children.

I thought he was cheating on you and I was trying to collect some hard evidence.

He’s just so f*cking posh.

Sing me a song like the good old days.

What if the anus is back on the table?

He might be an awful person but his lifestyle is better.

It is better to reign in hell than serve in heaven.

You’re a very wise, French man.

I love you, so I’ll let you go.

I will never be your Doofus.

You’re like Kevin Costner in Field Of Dreams.

I’ve really blossomed on my own.

What are you saying? That women can’t do action?

The name of the show is ’12 Angry Women’ and now we are down to eight.

Stop rubbing your grubby mitts over every piece of fruit.

I know someone who can sing Doofus’ song.

Forget Doofus, put me in coach.

That’s women for ya.

We follow orders or people die.

Long distance friendships never work.

This is my house, I have to defend it.

There are things that Stephan can give me, things that you couldn’t.

You and I never fought, did we Frank?

I’m trying to beat my high score here.

I don’t mean it in a sexist way, I just don’t think women are very good drummers.

This is my house and I’m going to defend it.

You are right, I do take you for granted and I haven’t been listening to you.

Frank it’s over. I need to get my life back together.

You look amazing.

Let it burn.