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30+ Crazy Good SYNCHRONIC Movie Quotes

Synchronic Movie Quotes

Netflix’s new film Synchronic, starring Anthony Mackie, dropped on the streaming service last Friday! I will have a movie review of the film coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out, it will be linked down below. In the meantime, check out some of the best quotes from it. I love me a good line and this one had some crazy good ones! Check out this list of 30+ best and crazy good Netflix Synchronic movie quotes.

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Synchronic Movie Quotes

I think they need help.

What did you take, kid?

Lets get them outta here.

Uncle Steve’s sitting all the way over here, because he went and slept with all mommy’s friends before they married all those men over there.

Racist baby.

She’s being a little emo, incorrectly thinks you’re cooler than me, cause I’m her dad and you’re just some a**h*le who pops up from time to time.

That’s a body, not a burn victim.

My boyfriend’s New Agey friend thinks it’s a third eye seat of the soul or whatever, so maybe your unique endocrine gland makes you more enlightened.

Life’s not fair.

I haven’t felt anything but whiskey and a hard d*ck in a decade.

I’m not the police.

Synchronic Movie Quotes

I’m the chemist who created Synchronic.

Synchronic is the needle.

Adults partially go, appearing like ghosts in the past, but kids, since their pineal gland hasn’t calcified, they physically go to another time entirely, sometimes not returning.

Stop telling me how to do my job, alright?

This is a time traveling pill, it allows you to go back in time for 7 minutes.

Things that touch you while on the drug seem to be a little distorted.

Hopefully with these experiments, I’ll learn a way to bring her back.

The past f*cking sucks man.

The exact place you are when the drug kicks in determines the time you go back to.

If this door works both ways, how did Brianna get stuck back in time?

Don’t be late.

So it seems you have to be touching whatever you bring back.

Three pills left, time to find Brianna.

Synchronic Movie Quotes

Apparently, the present can anchor you.

I think I’m getting a divorce.

She knows me better than anyone and she hates me.

When you’re staring down at the end, you realize there are things that are far worse than death. And none of those things are what you were upset about.

Want to know the difference between your life and mine? Who really want to know what the difference is? Random events, chance and luck.

The clock just keep ticking down and the lower that number gets, you realize how f*cking amazing now is.

The present is a miracle, bruh.

Ya with the slave.