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55+ Hilarious QUEENPINS Movie Quotes

Queenpins Quotes

Queenpins is coming to theaters this Friday, September 10th. The film stars Kristen Bell and is based off a true story of a couple of couponing scammers. I will have a review of the film coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out, it will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the movie. I love me a good line and this film has some hilarious ones. Check out this list of 55+ best and most hilarious Queenpins movie quotes.

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Queenpins Parents Guide Movie Review

Queenpins Movie Quotes

I’m a three-time, gold medal winning, race walker.

I figure no matter what you do, give it all you got.

We didn’t always argue about money, it was only after we tried to start a family.

You nothing but a sales woman that don’t make no sales.

Breakfast of champions? With cereal this stale it’s more like breakfast of chumpions.

Imagine if we got more of these and sell it to people for half. That would be a real business.

Not rob, just remove. Or separate some?

Sorry to compare you to rodent Ma’am, I didn’t mean to do that but rules are rules.

With each coupon we print, there is always extra, even with the free coupons.

They stop drugs because there is a war on drugs but who cares about coupons?

You purchased these coupons from a website?

You said you already knew the answers.

Watch your pennies and the dollars will take care of themself.

I’ve never been blindfold before but it’s true what they say, all of your other senses are heightened.

What you guys need is a front for your business.

Pink collar crime is fly as f*ck right now.

Queenpins Quotes

Today’s the day we finally get to spend our money.

We need to get all of our money our of these bank accounts, buy a bunch of stuff and then sell it.

You’re just a hard-working, successful, female entrepreneur.

Just to be clear, so boundaries are in place? We aren’t partners.

I thought you’d give me a chance of doing something that actually mattered.

I think we’d like to shop around.

His little guys are like Olympic swimmers.

Where the f*ck is all your money?

This is not a few things, this is a big red flag.

You telling me to get a job was exactly the push I needed.

Why would I mind? I got a brand new TV and a brand new wife.

Remember, I can’t unbake the cake.

We didn’t use any of his ingredients, he doesn’t deserve a piece of my cake.

We call her the, “Oh wait I have a coupon” lady.

I call her the crazy coupon lady.

Was the phrase, watch the pennies and then the dollars will take care of themself?

You can be passionate without being an idiot.

You just do what you do on your sales calls, you make the customers the hero.

Are you gonna dance with the tiger or are you gonna play some ball?

Who’s the earl girl? Who’s the girl, Earl?

Have you ever danced with the tiger?

Screaming at somebody doesn’t make them tell the truth.

That girl been up to something.

You know, we do have to actually collect evidence.

Is that some kind of sh*t alarm?

I don’t want to startle you, Simon. But you should know I’m prepared to take this all the way.

You can’t just take a sh*t in the car.

To be fair, this is my beach in Normandy.

Don’t f*ck with the post office.

You need to shake your booty out of town cause the Feds are on to you.

Most people under value coupons.

Queenpins Quotes

It’s not about what you buy, it’s about the feeling you get.

They call it the coupon high.

I knew I was worth more.

Haven’t you wanted just a little bit more out of life?

You are facing 40 years to life.

Just because someone says something, doesn’t make it true.

First time in history a black woman gets off and a white woman has to serve some time.

Don’t go searching for too much, you’re pretty great the way you are.

I guess I lost my husband but not in the way you lose something important.

Betcha I can walk a mile faster than you can run one.

It doesn’t really matter how you get to the finish line, just as long as you get there.