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70+ Gloomy A TALE DARK & GRIMM Quotes

A Tale Dark & Grimm Quotes

A Tale Dark & Grimm drops on Netflix today, Friday October 8th. I will have a review of the series coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out, it will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the show. Check out these 70+ best and gloomy A Tale Dark & Grimm quotes.

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A Tale Dark & Grimm Parents Guide Review

A Tale Dark & Grimm Quotes

You think fairy tales are cute and pink and full of fairies.

Real fairy tales are scary.

Don’t blame me if you can’t sleep tonight.

It’s time for a tale dark and grimm.

Parents shouldn’t slay their children, not even once. I shouldn’t even have to say that.

I’m not your little brother, your only 2 minutes older than me.

Just do what I do. Take all of your feelings and lick them in a box and hide it and bury it and never think about those feelings again.

Children are so sweet and juicy.

I don’t smell you yet.

Do you really want to know when your parents stopped loving you?

We can find a better family, a perfect family.

That guy definitely has a suitcase full of human heads somewhere.

We’ll do whatever it takes to be the perfect children to be the perfect family.

It smells like feet.

Maybe I’m cursed or something.

As time passed, Hansel’s courage grew. And Gretel’s guilt turned her cold.

Parents, you need to know this is about to get inappropriate.

Gretel used her own finger as a key.

Maybe the important part was the sacrifice?

A Tale Dark & Grimm Quotes

There are no perfect parents, there is just pain. Pain and suffering and blood.

Do we even need parents?

Is it weird I kind of like this story?

Not small people… children!

You’ve reached the wood of life, a place of perfect harmony.

Take only what you need and nothing more.

No one makes a rule unless someone is going to break it.

This is really starting to feel like home.

Your brother is not the only one out of balance.

The wood of life is no longer safe with him here.

There is no royalty in the wood of life.

You may be Hansel but you’re not my brother anymore.

The wood of life smells like death.

All stories have a sad part.

You can’t tidy a beast boy with a whisk.

Do you want to be good?

You don’t have to hide who you are. If you lived through a lot, it just means you really lived.

A Lord is always right, it’s a rule.

Broken hearts. They need something more.

You aren’t like the other kids, are you? You’ve endured a lot of pain.

There was this blue jay, we had so much fun together. Then I ate his eyeballs, turns out he was dead the whole time.

A Tale Dark & Grimm Quotes

That place looks like it’s haunted and smelly.

You smell like burnt hair and hot chimneys.

If I were to touch you, I may never get the smell off.

Only a monster would watch someone suffering and do nothing.

I followed my heart instead of my head and it led me here.

Don’t question me, I’m obviously a witch girl. See the pointy nose and wart?

That dove was her soul.

Trusting strangers hasn’t worked out great for you so far, has it?

Every day is hell in this village.

All aboard. Who’s going to hell?

I must really be bad if I ended up hee.

I tried to kill her. She must be so mad at me.

I’ll be showing you around, then I will be boiling you alive.

You would think torment would hurt.

I shouldn’t base important decisions on advice from brushes.

He’s been kidnapping girls. So many of them.

At least she wasn’t sitting on her couch covered in human kin, waiting to see the devil.

Old people never pass up a chance to nap.

It’s a place where sinners torture themselves.

Do you not understand how time works?

Made you flinch.

My brother is still alive and he’s my home.

Are we a story inside a story now?

Is it just me or is that devil guy really sweet?

I will give it all to have a family again.

It’s said a fate worse than death will happen to my children, if I had any.

You are my most faithful friend and I trust you.

Our children have returned!

Why did you chop off our heads?

Tears hold the bed of the soul and the soul has magic.

Stop acting like we’re little children.

That would be the perfect window to pee from.

I think we can see who isn’t acting like adults.

I think his brain’s broken.

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