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The Babysitter's Club Season 2 Quotes

Netflix’s The Babysitter’s Club season 2 is dropping on the streaming service this Monday, October 11th. I will have a review coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out, it will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the new season. Check out these 100+ best Netflix’s The Babysitter’s Club season 2 quotes.

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The Babysitter’s Club Season 2 Parents Guide Review

The Babysitter’s Club Season 2 Quotes

Summer time is the weirdest time.

This is the summer everything changed.

Home wasn’t home anymore.

It was all really nice but to me family is where you can put your feet up and eat dry cereal out of the box with your hands.

Stacey just hugs boys now, apparently.

The summer was almost over and I was finally back where I belong.

So miss best summer ever, is it going to be the best fall ever?

Just finish your homework before you summon the devil.

While Mary Anne and Dawn were looking to the spirit world for answers, I was missing one spirit in particular.

Amanda Delaney is a social climber. But has no ability to speak to people.

There’s nothing like getting everything you ever wanted to make you feel like you were never suppose to have it.

Sometimes home is right there where you left it, and sometimes you have to invite it in.

Art is an art but hospitality is a science.

Another corporation, just what America needs.

Should the club be paying taxes? Should I be looking into this?

The coolest girl in Stoneybrook eating strawberries out of my fridge.

Mallory isn’t anything. Her results were inconclusive because she left so many questions blank.

Janine, always able to diffuse an awkward moment with more awkwardness.

Modern medicine. Wonderful.

What is this? A coup?

I was really excited to step up this week and act as club President but no one takes me seriously.

You don’t have to take notes, this is suppose to be fun.

It’s textbook co-dependency.

We’re totally adrift, Christy. We need our captain.

That’s when I realized that I failed to lead, because I failed to listen.

We all have strengths. Things to say.

The Babysitter's Club Season 2 Quotes

I was able to see that you can’t be a captain without a crew. And being an individualist means respecting what makes all of us unique.

Having Diabetes is sort of like figuring out a math problem and I’m pretty good at math.

We’re actually thinking about trying to have a baby.

You’re totally showing your diabetes whose boss.

When I first got diagnosed, I felt so powerless in my body. I don’t ever want to go back to feeling that way.

Looks like remembering to be kind to yourself doesn’t just apply to perfectionist eighth graders living with diabetes. It’s for everyone.

I don’t want to be some perfect poster child for diabetes. I’m still just figuring things out.

It felt like I was going to twirl forever.

Had I been the best because I love to dance? or do I love to dance because I’m the best?

At least there is one place I got to feel like a star.

I had this big dancing fantasy inside my head but maybe no one was paying attention anymore.

What I really need to start doing is building my online presence.

Your ego can’t take it, so now you want to be an internet celebrity.

She just wants me to be a kid.

Recording doesn’t make something not fun.

It didn’t matter if I wasn’t the star, or even the best dancer at school. Yet. I didn’t need to be so worried about the future. I was just a kid.

I guess you can call me a hopeless romantic but I prefer hopeful romantic.

Why couldn’t he just hurry up and propose already?

Who in their right mind would ask someone to marry them 5 days before Valentine’s Day?

You’re the first official member of The Babysitter’s Club to have a boyfriend.

I guess I thought life with a boyfriend would pretty much be like life without one.=

This weird man was making the crying lady upset.

She died from a broken heart.

I often hear her weeping. If you are quiet, you might hear her too.

I don’t need notecards to know I trust you.

Your giving your babysitters nightmares.

We use to always know what to talk about. Now it was like we were complete strangers.

I thought elbow grease was a kind of cleaning product.

Was the house really haunted?

These are feelings I should actually talk to my husband about.

I never thought being in a relationship meant feeling this lonely.

You might be the least friendless person in the history of the world.

The difference between being a hopeless romantic and a hopeful romantic? Saying how you really feel to the people you love, or the people you like. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Valentine’s Day, like labels, isn’t for everyone, and not just because it’s corporate or because it’s celebrating the day a saint died with chocolates or whatever, but because really it’s just another day.

I love this family. How it is, as it is, call it whatever you want.

What’s mine is yours.

We can learn new things from each other.

Are you and Logan still living without labels? Because you are sounding pretty BF-GF to me.

It’s a safe space for you to share your feelings.

The Babysitter's Club Season 2 Quotes

Richard was claiming to be sleeping in there, for propriety’s sake.

Something did happen to me. I realized Mary Anne was a total pain to live with.

We are going to have fun! Get excited.

I don’t want to be The Babysitter’s Club charity case, okay?

I don’t want to be a burden.

Being a part of The Babysitter’s Club means we show up for each other.

Today, I face my fears.

My room, my house, my mom. It’s all yours!

Sometimes the strongest thing is to admit you need someone to be there for you.

Mary Anne and I were always going to feel like sisters, no matter what our parents ended up deciding what to do.

Some people are obsessed with coffee.

She’s definitely the least judgemental person in my family.

That’s the thing about life, you never know when it will change.

I was trying to bury my feelings in ethically manufactured beauty products and over-priced soft serve.

I just wanted everything to feel as normal as possible.

The best hiding places are in plain sight.

You can just comfort me by acting normal.

I don’t want everyone staring at me like I’m a walking tragedy.

I felt numb.

I don’t want to be here right now.

Goodbye. She was ready. But I still wasn’t.

I don’t want to feel my grief. My grief feels horrible. Like my chest is going to explode.

I came in here to grieve and be alone with my feelings and here you are stealing her stuff?

I’m not grateful to her, I’m in love with her.

She always made me feel so welcome.

As long as I miss her, she’s still here with me.

Sometimes you have to get rid of the old stuff to make room for the new.

Whatever happens, it will be the right thing because it has to be.

Giving people the benefit of the doubt, expecting the best, it’s never really been my style.

Goodbye millennial pink, hello Gen Z orange.

I was really happy the baby parade was coming back to Stoneybrooke because it was bringing my dad back too.

My feelings about your father are different than your feelings about your father.

Whatever makes you guys happy makes me happy.

More love is always a happy thing.

I love you.

Family might be the people who remember your past, but they’re also the ones riding with you to the future.

Wherever we’re going, the only way to get there is forward.