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50+ Shocking Netflix’s BONDING Season 2 Quotes

BONDING Season 2 Quotes

Netflix’s Bonding Season 2 is now streaming and oh boy, is this an interesting series! I will have a series review coming, so make sure to stop back by, it will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share some of the best quotes from the series. I love me a good line and this had some really great ones. Check out this list of 50+ shocking Netflix Bonding Season 2 quotes!

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Bonding Season 2 Parents Guide Review

Bonding Season 2 Quotes

On the plus side, instead of detention we could get spanked.

Like jizzedy, but cum, not jizz.

We need the money.

I invested in you. And the minute I had something to say you didn’t like, you were gone.

Dom 101? Don’t you think I’m a little advanced?

Give yourselves a soul hug.

You are the sexiest stalker I’ve ever had.

Your best intentions can be your worst enemy.

Frat culture is wild.

This is my bro, Pete.

Aren’t we getting a little big for our leather britches?

Lets give a round of boo’s for our resident lovable, creep, Fred.

I guess you can say because of me Christmas and my father came early.

My kink is listening.

I talk to you to everybody, I just call you Patricia.

BONDING Season 2 Quotes

If you did have me you would’ve thrown me up against a wall at midnight unstead of wiping Gina’s tears.

Your arches are flawless.

Are you owned, May?

Collars are for sub, slaves and Benson.

The one who has the food owns the dog.

Power is a responsiblity, not a privilege.

Alright class, get out your ball gags.

That’s why I painted a plate of chicken ala king. Because I need to celebrate the chicken ala king of my queen.

I can’t do anything right. The job, the girlfriend, the pull out method.

How do you fill a space in you that is empty because of you?

He seems more interested in making you laugh than making you money.

How dare you bring up my fictional female form?

Keep yours fingers out of there or you will be going home with nubs.

She made me feel strong, powerful, confident, everything I wasn’t.

I don’t know if I can, I’m still working on that for myself.

You have disrespected my brothers unborn life.

You’re not just a type.

To be a worthy Dom, you must first truly understand what it is to be a subordinate.

We give so much of ourselves away at this job, you have to protect something.

I love you, Nancy.

BONDING Season 2 Quotes

Being kinky is part of who you are.

I wish that my family could see me the way that you do.

I’ll never forget your waddle.

Mistress Mira thinks that we should split up for a little bit.

Insecurity masked by humor.

I’m not judging you, you are always judging yourself.

Even in this moment, I’m still thinking about you more than I’m thinking about me.

Tiff and Josh are very different people but, for me, they’re the same. Controlling people who need me until they don’t. Who love me until they can’t. 

What if I don’t know my limits?

Doms are real people with lives and families and partners, just like Mira.

This is a business but it is also a sisterhood.

Just because a Dominatrix life can be hard doesn’t mean you have to be.

You didn’t come here for my consent, you came here for my approval. You have neither.

You use to make me feel safe.

I can’t explain why I’ve always loved you. And I can’t explain why I’ve always cared. But I think I can finally explain why I have to stop. I don’t want to be owned anymore.

It’s my turn to leave you.

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