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100+ BEST Amazon FLACK Quotes – Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Flack Quotes

Amazon Flack is a new series that dropped this weekend and it stars Anna Paquin. I will have a series review coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out, it will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from it. I absolutely love a good line and this series really had some great ones! Check out this huge list of 100+ BEST Amazon Flack quotes from the series!

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Flack Parents Guide Review

Amazon Flack Quotes

Don’t snap at me, this is very stressful.

If you kill yourself, I’ll f*&^ing kill you.

Daddy daycare.

I didn’t know we were suppose to dress like Jackie Onassis.

Does this make me look like a lesbian?

I’d kill for your skin. Literally, I’d kill you and peel it off.

I only buy handbags made by free range children.

First impressions count.

You’d be surprised what people will believe if they want to.

Did he try to f*&^ you yet?

Maybe he just recognizes that I’m more professional than you are?

I would say the main difference is that you haven’t been told since you were 11 that every male you encounter has the potential to rape and murder you, followed by a life of pre-sexualization, cat-calling, and slut shaming that fills you with so much gult and fear that when you’re 16 and some kid start choking you during sex, either with his hands or with his penis, ’cause he saw it in a bunch of porn, you assume it must be you who got it wrong.

That feels like the first honest thing you’ve said to me.

Why didn’t you try to have sex with me?

Of course I’d like to have sex with you but you’re not simple.

I’m intimidated by you.

I’d say that I f*&^ed myself and you f&^%ed your wife.

We should all go. Sh*ts, giggles. Drink free champagne, laugh at the shabby dresses, watch Melody get ganged raped by a bunch of drunken sexually repressed footballers.

Don’t think you get a free pass because today is the day.

That will make a great addition to the diddle box.

She won’t let you in, she wants a divorce.

I just want to fix things.

Amazon Flack Quotes

There is nothing more pathetic than a wronged wife.

One phone call and I can have him on the front page of every newspaper tomorrow.

You get over this hump and then, when the fuss has died down, quiet and dignified, you get a divorce. And you take tht son of a b*tch for every single penny you can get.

In the future, just assume we are lying to everyone.

He shall live to f*&^ another day.

The world keeps turning. We just help push.

My mother commited suicide a year ago today. She jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge.

Do you find it weird that you have an app that tracks my womb?

Lets not forget, I pushed two babies out of that bad boy.

I do not have a problem with your snooch.

I don’t care if you’ve been in a car crash, both your arms are broken and you’ve got a mouth full of shattered teeth, you spit them out, get someone else to hold the phone, and you moan me a gummy response that clear?

I don’t care what I have to do, I’m 17 years old and I am not ready for my career to be over.

What about a sex tape? There hasn’t been a good one of those in awhile.

If my coffee comes back cold again, I’m just gonna throw it right in her face.

You are good at fixing things for people.

I know you’ve seen my sister angry. She makes Chris Brown look like a f*&^ing hippie.

I only take the piss ’cause it’s easier for me to be a hot mess if my best friend’s a hot mess too.

My mother was a difficult woman and she made life complicated for a lot of people, including her children.

I mess everything up and I wouldn’t want to mess up anything like that.

What if I don’t actually have better in me?

This is Summer, who you will be having sex with this morning.

Don’t take this the wrong way but your mom is being a bit of a c*&t.

I want to look like a 10 year old boy before you’re done.

I spent a lifetime getting this girl to where she is today. Not all of us are afforded those opportunities and I do not intend for it to be over before it’s barely begun.

Eve’s just jealous because there’s no RAM on her hard drive.

It’s in my nature.

Honestly, my nipples are a mess.

Maybe next time you can have your own bloody baby.

I don’t want my vagina ripped to my arsehole, is that okay with you? That is what I’m paying her for.

You don’t change opinions by talking to the nodding Guardian readers who already agree with you. You change them by pissing in the mainstream.

I think you can talk about whatever you like, you just have to be funny.

I’m the mother of the real baby.

The reason I don’t want to f*&^ you is not because I don’t love you, it’s because you are a c*^&.

It would be a travesty not to continue your gene pool.

If I wore that I would look like a baby in a bed bag but you look fantastic.

I want tequila, it makes me happy.

Alright hungry hippo, save some calories for the champagne.

Life is a bad of d*cks. You spend half the time looking for someone to share it with, and the other half trying to escape them.

It’s the lies that make a relationship work, not the truth.

You do what you do for the same reason I do what I do. Power.

Amazon Flack Quotes

There are 4 rules in this business and one of them is to never turn down a free drink. Something all human being share and that is the capacity to give a f*&^.

Class is only an issue for those who don’t have it.

Do not PR me.

I’ve had a lifetime of being rejected by girls in bars. I don’t need a girlfriend that does it too.

I can’t even get through breakfast without lying.

I don’t care if you lie, or send innocesnt people to jail, or go around kicking crutches of Polio-riddled children, as long as you’re in control. This was out of control and that concerns me.

My girls do not get done over by journalist.

I’m not interested in being that thing you feel you have to rebel against.

I tell you what, once we get up in the air I’ll let you suck me off in the bathroom. How does that sound?

I’ve had warmer conversations with my ex-wife and she’s been dead for years.

They were living for something real.

The bigger a**hole you were, the more authentic you were.

You’re the ones that get us out of trouble, aren’t you?

I think something bad might have happened.

You know what it’s like in the moment for people like me? It’s a f*&^ing witch hunt.

Puffy Pam got hot.

Even though you aren’t allowed to smoke, they still have ashtrays because they know that people will.

It’s exhausting hising this sh*t inside me.

This conversation never happened, okay?

Has anyone ever told you, you look skinnier when you stand up for yourself.

We need a gay man to pretend to be his boyfriend, so Gary can pretend to be gay.

Amazon Flack Quotes

Gary, you’re here, you’re queer, get use to it.

It’s terrifying for them to see the real you.

Come out, stay in, get married, marry eachother, I don’t care anymore. It’s all f*&^ing meaningless.

That thing in your head when every part of your conscious mind knows something is a really awful idea but this one tiny little destructive part, it just goes f*&^ it, hits the button, game over.

You’re not upset because you want him back. You are upset because you are feeling guilty because you would rather all of this.

This is the nicest that I will ever speak to you so, drink it in.

What’s it feel like to have someone who likes you that much?

He’s a professional party starter.

I’m not gonna get bored of ya just because we don’t have an argument every two minutes.

I knew you were trouble the moment I first saw ya.

You’re fired. Don’t come in on Monday.

I enjoy putting drunk people to bed, it makes me feel superior.

You can’t even look after yourself/

This is when i see her, Rob, mom in you.

I just wanted a boring life.

Cry, you c*&^.