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55+ Mysterious Netflix’s LUPIN Quotes

Lupin Quotes

Netflix’s new series Lupin dropped a little over a week ago and it has quickly become a popular. I have a series review, it is linked down below, so check it out!!  I also took down some of my favorite quotes from the series. I love me a good line and this one had some great ones! Check out this list of 55+ mysterious Netflix Lupin quotes.

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Netflix Lupin Quotes

I guarantee you this necklace has never been taken apart.

Arséne Lupin isn’t just a book. He’s my heritage. My method. My path. I am Lupin.

For 25 years I believed my father was a thief, I grew up with that.

I want answers.

You underestimated me. You didn’t look at me. You saw me, but you didn’t really look.

If my fathers finds out your behind this, he will kill you.

I don’t think you know your father.

Do you know what they call men like your dad? A gentleman.

I wanted to give you a better life. I failed.

The truth can always be found in libraries.

Go in as janitors and come out as millionaires.

Everyone on top while we’re at the bottom. They don’t look, and thanks to that we’re gonna be rich.

I could have proven his innocence 25 years ago.

You’re getting fat, Dumont.

I can see clearly now.

Lupin Quotes

Your constitents are starting to piss me off.

You think I come here and use the computer to use as porn?

Get comfortable, we have plenty of time.

If we don’t find the necklace, we are going to have to let him go.

He doesn’t fit the profile.

The worst criminals can be the ones you least suspect.

Someone pressured you into framing him.

In life there is two kinds og guys, barbarians and knights. The Barbarians don’t give a sh*t, they invade your space without asking. And then their are the knights, like you, think women are fragile little things that are always in need of protecting. Both break my balls equally.

I already told you the whole truth and you don’t like it.

Tell me why you framed my dad.

The only difference between your father and me is, I’m innocent.

I always say people don’t change but I want to change my mind about you.

I forgive you Dumont.

I just like the idea that we will always be here for eachother.

This is all a game Inspector. A game with rules and I’m the one that makes them.

The police are going to need people like you. And me, I need you right now.

We need to talk, there is a new party involved.

You leave my family out of this.

You took them all down.

This book is powerful, courageous. Where is the woman that wrote it?

A good journalist never reveals her sources.

I have nothing left and I have nothing left to lose.

That’s the year his company was on the verge of collapsing.

I’m the one taking the risk, I should decide if it’s worth it or not.

I guess she talks cause she is happy. Good for her.

I have nothing to hide.

Pellegrini took the most precious thing I had. My career. He made me seem like a crazy cat lady.

That’s a hell of a lady.

Lupin Quotes

I think I know how to lose a tail.

We may have lost the battle tonight but I know you, you won’t give up.

You know the difference between good and evil and you will never quit.

We’re going to fight, Assane. Together.

I think he always looks sick.

We’re crazy and connected.

You gotta stop following me.

I can’t keep doing this to Claire.

I wanted a nice and quiet place to tell you what I needed to tell you tonight.

You’re having my baby?

You are gonna get up and we are gonna get off quietly, son.

Do you know the Mysterious Traveler? Well, now you do.

I don’t know what his name will be, but I’ll love him and I will protect him the best I can.

Where is Raoul? I don’t see him.