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125+ Magical FATE: THE WINX SAGA Quotes

Fate: The Winx Saga Quotes

Netflix’s Fate: The Winxa Saga drops tomorrow, January 22nd! It is a fun, magical teen drama series that will sure to be a quick hit. You can check out my review on the series, it is linked down below!  You can also check out some of the quotes from the series! I love me a good line and this series had some magical ones. Check out this huse list of 125+ magical Fate: The Winx Saga quotes.

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Fate: The Winx Saga Quotes

Must have brought back memories seeing the Burned One again.

I’ll sleep better knowing he’s a lone wolf.

So presumptuous. You must be a fairy.

If you really want your mind blown, three months ago I didn’t even know the Otherworld existed.

Burned thing took it.

Quit perving on the first years.

The only thing that keeps me sane in this place is the ability to leave it.

I was half expecting a school full of Tinkerbells zipping around.

My parents are both human.

I have an assistant. I don’t need another.

Open yourself up to the magic of the world around you.

Eventually, the answers will come.

My magic is pretty much always on. Makes crowded places a nightmare.

I’m looking for the sh*t they don’t teach. The secrets.

I hear you are broken.

The strongest magic comes from the worst emotions. Anger and rage.

Mystery solved. And earth fairy.

Musa’s been stalking you.

Just because he’s gay, doesn’t mean he has to be lame.

You’re dating the princess.

They’ve captured a Burned One.

You sound like the absence of chaos.

Fate: The Winx Saga Quotes

The Burned One. He’s still here somewhere.

Go back to school and get help.

He’s my brother.

Someone let it loose on purpose?

Must be emasculating to be replaced by a teenage girl.

I felt something, a connection to that thing?

When the time comes, find me.

She’s crazy hot but the emphasis is squarely on crazy.

Your magic connects you to living things.

You can give life.

You can tell me what’s going on, I’m not a kid anymore.

In between bong rips, she can recite the entire history of the Otherworld.

I know you have to feel everyone emotions but you don’t have to broadcast them.

The ifection is spreading quickly now.

Give us an update, are you still tracking the Burned One?

I feel like a glorified babysitter.

I can be a cool nerd.

You live with Stella and you don’t know what happened to her last roommate?

Stella used her magic to blind her. On purpose.

When you and Dane are together, he feels comfortable.

Never cover your face, it’s one of your good qualities.

I can only imagine how many questions you may have for me.

Your instincts are telling you that flame will burn you, your instincts are wrong.

You were kidnapped by the witches.

The power inside you is too great.

Sucks to be special sometime, doesn’t it?

That noise isn’t coming from the forest, it’s coming from the school.

Let the fire consume you.

It’s like they went full on war games.

Stella plant exorcism, is it?

You want me to free you?

Fate: The Winx Saga Quotes

Wouldn’t expect a mind fairy to have such good moves.

Just because I’m not an empath, doesn’t mean I don’t have empathy.

I don’t want to lie to eachother and I don’t want to play some game.

I’m not sure I can trust you. But maybe I can convince you that what I’m doing is right.

The problem is getting worse, why did you withdrawal your troops?

My magic has to be powerful at any cost, that is what she taught me.

When positive emotions didn’t work, she went right to the negative.

My magic is erratic because of her.

They think they are protecting this place but they are also protecting themselves.

Pardon the charm.

I’m the son of a war hero, raised in Alfea.

I’m a fixer cause I have to be. Cause I’m suppose to be. Because when I’m fixing other people I don’t have to think about how f(*&ing broken I am.

I know that if I told you, you’d stop me.

Your first Burned One wound is always the most painful.

I don’t want to see you in the cell next to her.

We are your friends, Bloom.

Bloom is a pain in the arse but she deserves to know who she is, not the stories that falculty is telling her.

We can worry about being right or we can help our friend.

How can you think that killing Burned Ones is more important than peoples lives?

That day I made a mistake.

That day has lived in my mind for 16 years.

There are no words that I can say to make right the damage that I’ve caused you.

Whatever she has to give you in not worth unleashing her back into the world, Bloom.

Even the best parents are doing what they think is best for us.

Control limit you.

A wildfire burns within you Bloom.

The guidance you needed was love.

She cares about you and I know you care about her.

What if Rosalind isn’t crazy? What if she had a reason to lie?

I’ll stop moving when I’m dead.

We must prepare for the reality that the Burned Ones may infiltrate the space before they arrive.

This is what we’ve been training for.

Let magic guide you.

Breaking up was the right thing to do.

She’s manipulating you. That’s what she does.

The Stone Circle is a conduit to the magic of the land.

That magic powers everything at Alfea, like our electricity and the Barrier.

This is no accident Bloom. Rosalind always has a plan.

I think you’re hot, but she is too, in a different way,

When this is all over, you are going to want to be on our side.

With your connection, you can take some of his pain.

I should’ve been honest with you like you were honest with me and I’m sorry.

Aster Dell is where Andreas died.

Her orders are wrong.

You have a choice, your orders or your morals.

You told me my dad was a hero.

I know you care about him.

My mom died last year, Terra. And I felt everything she felt.

I’m not gonna let him die.

Fate: The Winx Saga Quotes

I need you to help him stay strong until the Burned One is destroyed.

I think it’s your turn to take some peace from me.

What are you?

Well done, Bloom.

Rosalind will be here soon. Hear her out.

I must say, I am disappointed I didn’t see the wings.

Exams are killer.

She spent one night with Rosalind and unlocked ancient fairy magic, magic we thought was lost.

I heard a rumor, you went full fairy last night.

It was the first time I actually felt myself, like fully myself.

I belong here.

It’s forgiven.

Can we hug?

I should’ve been more honest with you early on.

They deserve to know what I am.

We need to talk.

One day I hope you will see everything I did was for your benefit, Sky.

You buried them. How nobel.

The Dragon flame. It burns inside our changling friend.

You let the Burned Ones in the school to test her?

Turns out this place isn’t miserable. It was just you.

Now all we have to talk about is you.

I am the headmistress of Alfea. And there is no way I’m leaving the school in your hands.

Welcome back ladies. They’ve been a few changes.

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