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95+ Best AppleTV+ THE BIG DOOR PRIZE Quotes

The Big Door Prize Quotes

AppleTV+ The Big Door Prize releases its first few episodes on the streaming service tomorrow, March 29th. I will have a review of the series coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the show. Check out these 95+ of the best AppleTV+ The Big Door Prize quotes.

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AppleTV+ The Big Door Prize Parents Guide Review

AppleTV+ The Big Door Prize Quotes

What are you waiting for? Give it a whirl.

I think I have everything I’ve ever wanted.
Maybe you didn’t want enough.

You think I can make this thing? I can barely use my phone.

I don’t know if I’m in the right place to reintroduce my mother to my bare bottom.

Is it good? Are you happy?

You have f*cking royalty.

I cannot be expected to remember everyone’s birthday. I am not a computer.

Destiny means something will happen no matter what you do. Potential is when something could happen.

You never knew that I was quietly jacked.

I’m baring myself, son, and I want you to bare yourself too.

I’d like it to be recognized that it is extremely rash and destabilizing.

Do you think the people of Deer Field want cheap deer sh*t?

So it just appeared like magic?

You’re asking me if my dead boyfriend’s identical twin is hot?

I’m really starting to see the benefits of your unemployment.

What will I find out next? Do you also enjoy meth?

As if we needed anymore proof that this thing works.

Everything you do is amazing.

I’m just feeling myself.

I don’t deserve a pass.

AppleTV+ The Big Door Prize Quotes

It’s not what it looks like, I’m cheating on my wife.

All of the fun of a cruise ship with none of the travel.

What did I get you for my birthday?

Some may argue that the cards help unlock he magic in us.

I love photographing tree bark. Its natures scabs.

Too many cooks and all that.

This is how threesome starts.

I’m just gonna say threesome on three and you say whatever pops into your head.

I can’t have sex without taking off my pants.

I never saw him happier than when he was with you.

I failed him too.

I don’t want us to have secrets anymore.

It’s just me and you now, partner.

Do you know how hard it is to find a good Zamboni driver?

I’m not gonna be the backbone anymore, I’m gonna be the front bone.

Typically royalty, looking down your nose at us.

Let’s go, little baby boys, let’s go!

You boys can just call me coach, or coach sheriff.

Take off the hat and be normal.

Are there any bad guys on the team? Anyone you don’t trust.

What do you say we all head back to my saloon for some tea and bonding?

Punching a bag to prove you’re a man? What are we, cavemen?

For some people, knowing what you’re going to be is a dream.

Things aren’t supposed to be this hard.

I’m saying, you can be anything you want.

It was you, wasn’t it?

You got gum? What does that even mean?

Why is it a potential fund? Why isn’t it just a real fund?

I think we need to do whatever is humanly possible to make tonight a huge success for Cass. Can you be my Iceman?

I don’t think it’s the method that matters as much as the results.

Maybe that’s why they call them stepdads, cause it is the good ones that step up.

Look at you with all that blood of Christ, also known as wine.

You can buy that chair right over there, I sat in it.

Follow my footsteps? I’m still in my footsteps, thank you very much.

The truth is, I haven’t been a superstar for a really long time.

I would give it all up, just for a chance to be with you.

I can’t let you smash it.

Are you high right now?
Of course I am, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true.

People who believe will continue to believe.

I’d rather have an antler shoved up my a** than to pick another deer made out of sticks.

I am taking my whistler potential to a whole new level.

Maybe I’ll smash in more than a sign.

AppleTV+ The Big Door Prize Quotes

Come on Giorgio, we have man business.

I never wanted you to look at me with anything less than unadulterated awe.

Why pay for a slice of Giorgio pepperoni when you have the whole freaking pie at home.

You’ve got such robust chest hair.

If you don’t shut that thing up, I will dance all over your face.

Sole survivor, what kind of potential is that?

You know what’s not working? Not being together.

Are you thinking about how your mother betrayed you and tried to turn the whole town against you?

If you have a different interpretation of what liar could mean, I would love to hear it.

I would rather wear Giorgio’s wig than attend this year’s Deerfest.

You’ve been moving me with your wisdom of life.

You’ve got to face your fear, otherwise, you’ll never know what’s on the other side of it.

People make mistakes, it’s called being human.

It’s the thing you need to be told about yourself to point you in the right direction.

We have been asking the wrong questions.

That girl’s got a real pair of nuts on her, doesn’t she?

You don’t know the first thing about survival.

What if our arrows don’t point in the same direction?

I don’t want to be a priest anymore.

I liked you from the start.

A bald man is very sexy to me.

I’m pretty sure I don’t want to only be with one person for the rest of my life.

Maybe being a boarding-school girl was your arrow.

What in God’s name is this?

I’m just letting you know that you hurt me too many times.

I don’t remember every drunk a**h*le I kick out of a bar.

Maybe your potential is completely unattainable while you’re with me, but doesn’t it feel like we’re supposed to find out?

Did you know that puffins are monogamous?

This is already more moments than I ever thought I’d get with you.

He’s the guy that is going to get you out of there.

I’m gonna take D first cause he seems more scared.

I prefer to carry you, ma’am.

Are you ready for the next stage?

It’s never done that before.