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50+ Best AppleTV+ TETRIS Movie Quotes

Tetris Movie Quotes

AppleTV+ Tetris releases on the streaming service on Friday, March 31, 2023. I will have a review of the movie coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the film. Check out these 50+ of the best AppleTV+ Tetris movie quotes.

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AppleTV+ Tetris Parents Guide Movie Review

AppleTV+ Tetris Movie Quotes

Technology is the future, and video games are leading the charge.

It’s a combination between tetra (Greek for four), all the pieces are variants of four, and tennis.

I played Tetris for five minutes, I still see falling blocks in my dreams.

It’s the perfect game.

Pioneers have to bet the house to win.

We just lost arcade rights.

He reneged on my arcade rights, and I really need a mushroom to stay alive.

Your cowboy reputation precedes you.

It’s called a Game Boy.

AppleTV+ Tetris Movie Quotes

Gentlemen, if you want to sell a couple hundred thousand Gameboys to little kids, package them with Mario. But if you want to sell millions of Gameboys to absolutely everyone, young and old, around the world, package it with Tetris.

On a scale from one to best, you are doing less than zero, which is f*ck all.

They don’t care about money, son. They care about loyalty.

We need Tetris. Understood?

You know what it feels like to be in a country where everyone is watching you?

Yeah, Atari. You know how much we hate those mother f*ckers.

If you go, we can’t protect you.

I didn’t travel 5,000 miles to be stopped by a door.

Sorry will not work in our country.

That’s criminal.
No, it’s Communism.

Next time, define computer so you can hold on to your video game rights.

Mr. Rodgers I’m not for sale.

Having a foreigner in one’s home is a crime here.

Unlike you, no one helped me where I am today.

Like you, I want to walk away with the best deal.

Nobody becomes a billionaire by being honest.

Sometimes you gotta say f*ck the rules, right? That’s why I came to Moscow, and I think, that’s why you invited me here tonight.

Don’t sacrifice everything for this.

History has a very strange way of repeating itself.

Some Russians came to the office threatening me to tell you to come home.

To be honest, I got no money left. But the royalties I am offering are beyond fair.

You’re a threat. Europe is everything our country has fought against all these years.

We’ve got nothing left, nothing. It’s over, and you’re giving me sh*t about missing a concert?

We had a life.

We’re turning into a nation of thieves.

AppleTV+ Tetris Movie Quotes

He’s the only one who stands to gain nothing from this.

Your husband broke the law.

Ruining your life was easy. Cross me again, and you will no longer exist.

The bratty son of a billionaire who has never done an honest day’s work in his life calls me a fool?

If this deal goes through, it will set a dangerous precedent. That communism is dead.

My people want freedom, freedom to vote to choose their destiny.

The world is changing, gentlemen, and the Soviet Union will not be left behind.

I was wrong, you don’t deserve it. You used me to get what you want.

You are not safe until you leave Moscow.

I run a billion-dollar corporation, so of course I have money.

You want to play with the big boys, son, this is how it works. Suck it up.

Commie b*st*rds.

This is not goodbye. Promise.

There’s no time for American emotion.

I am the law!

Is now a good time for American emotion?