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40+ Hilarious SOUTH PARK: POST COVID Quotes

South Park: Post Covid Quotes

Paramount+ South Park: Post Covid dropped on the streaming service this week. This hasn’t been the first special about Covid from the franchiseand it continues to poke fun at the pandemic and more. As I enjoy doing, I jotted down some of the best quotes from the new special Check out this list of 40+ of the best and most hilarious South Park: Post Covid quotes.

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South Park: Post Covid Quotes

There’s nothing in South Park for me, Kyle. I’m never going back there.

It’s Kenny. He’s dead.

It’s hard enough doing comedy these days. Now I’m getting notes during commercial breaks?

Kenny was so brilliant that most of the time we couldn’t even understand what he was saying.

Here in the future, we’ve all decided that eating meat is wrong.

There might be people to blame for ruining our childhoods.

It’s the f*cking future, you guys. Grow up.

He wanted to make the future a better place. Too bad he died, because the future certainly sucks.

Excuse me, I’m gonna go get a drunk.

Sometimes I think the pandemic really aged me.

It’s not f*cking funny, Cartman. Stop pretending you have a happy Jewish life!

Your theories seem to point to people of power.

In many ways, death is like diabetes. You spend your whole life trying to fight it off, but ultimately it just wins.

Kenny died of COVID. It’s a new variant. The COVID Delta Plus Rewards Program variant.

We’re all out of chin diapers.

We have confirmation that one person in this community has never been vaccinated against COVID, so we must quarantine everyone.

God! I hate the future.

I think it means we’re all stuck in South Park.

Apparently, in the future, all doorbells sing, sing, sing.

It’s been 40 years, Clyde. That’s enough research!

We’ve got a runner. Another one trying to get out.

So you are saying you won’t take the COVID vaccine out of shellfishness.

In the future, you’re old for a long, long, time.

South Park: Post Covid Quotes

Like you didn’t want to murder your sister.

He knew it was a way to fix it all. He knew about the Pandemic Special.

This is just like when our people were exiled from the Holy Land.

He was trying to get back in time and stop the pandemic from ever happening.

It’s the future. We can’t let old people die.

What if you took him out there and he crapped his pants, and then slipped on the old people’s diarrhea and hit his head?

Warning. Old person has escaped.

This is where I lost everything I cared about. And your mom and your sister.

Just when it seemed we turned a corner, Space Jam 2 came out, and we all just kind of gave up.

A man in China had sex with a pangolin, and that started COVID. That man was me.

I’m not reaching up Kenny’s a**.

I was his best friend, but I’m also married. So, I can’t be fingering people’s buttholes.

It’s got sh*t on it. That’s dead people’s sh*t.

All this time, the bad guys we were after, who Kenny said ruined the future, was you guys?

Let’s face it, guys. We killed Kenny.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. People were supposed to get kinder in the future.

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