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A CASTLE FOR CHRISTMAS Parents Guide Movie Review

Netflix’s A Castle For Christmas is a sweet and sentimental film, but it is very “Hallmark-ish.” Check out the details in my parents guide movie review.

A Castle For Christmas Parents Guide

Netflix’s A Castle For Christmas dropped on the streaming service yesterday, November 26th. The movie stars Brooke Shields, Cary Elwes, and even an appearance by Drew Barrymore. Yet another sentimental film for the Christmas season, Netflix seems to be cornering the market on them! But is it safe for kids? Check out the details in my parents guide movie review.

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A Castle For Christmas Movie Quotes

A Castle For Christmas Parents Guide

Famed author, Sophie Brown (Brooke Shields), travels to Scotland hoping to buy a small castle of her own, but the prickly owner, Duke Myles (Cary Elwes), is reluctant to sell to a foreigner. Working to find a compromise, the pair constantly butt heads, but they just may find something more than they were expecting.

A Castle For Christmas Parents Guide

A Castle For Christmas Age Appropriate Parents Guide

Let’s take a look at what parents need to know before letting their kids watch A Castle For Christmas.

Language: A Castle For Christmas contains very mild language but contains a few lookout words, including: a**, idiot, bloody hell, and heck.

Mature Content: The film contains some mature themes, such as a messy divorce and the fear of losing one’s property. There are a few scenes that show characters consuming alcohol, and one character is shown in a bath tub, but nothing sensitive is shown. There is also a scene in which two characters passionately kiss and have implied sex as they race into the bedroom, but nothing is shown afterwards.

Overall Thoughts

The filmmakers for A Castle For Christmas have seemed to go above and beyond to ensure the movie is appropriate for all audiences. In fact, the film feels like it was made for TV, with very mild language and wholesome content. If one didn’t know better, they would assume the new film came out of the Hallmark movie franchise. The plot itself brings nothing original to the barrage of holiday films, and the story is very predictable. Despite its flaws, the movie speaks directly to the romantic, wholesome, and sentimental movie fans.

The film includes a talented cast with some big names that audiences will surely recognize. Brooke Shields stars as Sophie Brown, a successful romance writer who is on the out with her fans because she recently killed off a beloved main character. Many blame her decision to end said character’s life because she has lost hope in romance, having recently gone through a messy divorce. The legendary actress embodies her character and gives her the wholesome charm that makes her character work. Love interest Duke Myles is played by Cary Elwes, who audiences may recognize from the cult classic A Princess Bride. Elwes oozes charm and charisma, making him the perfect choice when it comes to these sorts of romantic roles. The two have a natural and authentic chemistry onscreen, never outshining each other but complementing their costars’ strengths.

A Castle For Christmas brings nothing new or fresh to the table, and is quite predictable, but the benefits outweigh its flaws. It is sweet, sentimental, and its all-around wholesome content makes it a perfect holiday film safe for all ages to enjoy. There was a time when films such as these were the butt of all jokes, but as time goes on, they have garnered a following that stretches across generations. Much like bad Christmas sweaters, once relegated to the closet floor, are now donned for themed parties in which the worst garments are applauded. These cheesy, wholesome movies are now a staple of the season, and Netflix has gone all in on this tradition.

A Castle For Christmas Parents Guide

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