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Collection Of Best Showtime’s YELLOWJACKETS Quotes

Showtime's Yellowjackets Quotes

Showtime’s Yellowjackets has now dropped its first three episodes on the premium service. I will have a review of the series coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the show. Check out this collection of the best Showtime’s Yellowjackets quotes.

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Yellowjackets Parents Guide Review

Showtime’s Yellowjackets Quotes

They were champions.

We’re undefeated. b*tches. We are going to mother f*cking Nationals.

I know you’ve been letting a lot of other people tell your story.

I moved on, and I genuinely hope they do the same.

You don’t know a f*cking thing about my life.

Keep the tiger in its cage.

After they rescued us, I lost my purpose.

She’s gonna have to learn how to play under pressure.

I dedicate that to you, sexy lady.

We need to talk.

Showtime's Yellowjackets Quotes

You’re never gonna get your strength back up if you don’t eat.

I think you wish someone would do anal to you.

Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance.

I took the Red Cross Babysitter training course. Twice.

Marriage lives up here, dies down here.

If you thought I was pretty, you’d come inside.

Talk about somebody who didn’t want to be found.

The door ripped open when we were going down. He was trying to help one of you idiots put on an oxygen mask.

There’s nothing wrong with a little self reliance.

The lady in the tree, she watches me at night.

You seem like someone who doesn’t play by the rules.

It looks like you did Ally a big favor by breaking her leg.

This is all my fault.

Let’s join hands. We’ll pray for them.

The Lord gives us our time here. Then he calls us back.

You know, I like to lead from the front.

Close your eyes and pretend it’s bacon.

If they knew where we were, they’d be here already.

We think we know what we’re doing, but really we have no clue.

Our son just assaulted another child, and you’re talking strategy?

It’s been three days. You guys can’t be that desperate.

It’s got “unibomber” written all over it.

It’s never a good sign when a suspect lives like a hermit.

If a bomb goes off, that’s on you.

He doesn’t want to be found. He disappeared on your for a reason.

Dad is f*cking dead.

We are what we pretend to be. So we must be careful what we pretend to be.

I’m starting to think something out there has other ideas.

We’re not going home.

I have no idea what’s right or wrong out here.

The worst is behind us, okay? I mean we just survived a f*cking plane crash.

I can’t just be like this now.

I’m different from what people expect and it scares them.

Is someone else the bad one?

Showtime's Yellowjackets Quotes

I don’t know what you’re so scared of, Natty. You already got blood on your hands.

The truth is, we might be out here longer than expected. I am relying on you two, so you should be relying on each other.

Is this some kind of sex thing?

You remind me of my granddaughter. No one really likes her either.

I know when you look at me, you don’t see someone you should be afraid of. But you’re wrong.

I’ll perfectly calibrate my tongue, as I tell you to go f*ck yourself.

It doesn’t matter how sh*tty they were, it still f*cks you up when they’re gone.

You gonna shoot your daddy in the head?