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50+ Shocking Amazon’s ENCOUNTER Movie Quotes

Encounter Movie Quotes

Amazon Orginal Encounter drops on the streaming service on Friday, December 3rd. I will have a review of the movie coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out. It will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the film. Check out this list of 50+ of the best and most shocking Amazon’s Encounter movie quotes.

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Encounter Movie Quotes

You can’t stand inside all day.

Hope you two are getting along. Miss you both so much.

Everything I do is to protect you.

I’m sorry it took so long.

The game is called “Get in the car as fast as humanly possible.”

A lot of weirdos on the open road.

Some days I never thought I’d make it back. That’s what kept me going.

They’re not monsters, they’re parasites.

No peeing on this road trip. I already told you.

You covered in that spray?

I don’t want no trouble.

Encounter Movie Quotes

Why can’t we go home?

This ain’t a road trip, it’s a rescue mission.

Somethings come to our planet.

We gotta go back and save mom.

Your mom’s got guts to spare.

How many people have been infected?

Nothing bads gonna happen to you when I’m around.

Sugar does make you hyper. That’s why we like it.

It’s like being a prisoner inside your own body.

We’re behind enemy lines here. So, if you want to make it out in one piece, you gotta follow orders.

Families take care of each other.

Let’s see what this hunk of junk can do.

Well, it’s official. You are both infected.

Do you think there is a part of mom that keeps fighting it?

I did not kidnap them. I saved them.

Welcome to the school of life, kid. You f*ck up, you pay the price.

He seemed like a good guy.

Malik isn’t going to hurt anymore, least of all his boys.

What’s up with Johnny Utah?

Encounter Movie Quotes

If we don’t stop Malik, he is gonna execute those boys. And then he’s gonna turn the gun on himself.

He’s a desperate man, so he’s willing to take desperate measures. And he can turn on them at any moment.

Keeping a level head when all hell’s breaking loose?

I’m just trying to figure out what triggered him.

You think I’m making it up?

Stop hurting my brother.

You can put whiskers on a snake and call it a kitty. Don’t mean it ain’t gonna bite.

I think it’s about time you learned how to drive.

Maybe Malik isn’t out to hurt his boys. Maybe he thinks he’s on a mission to save them?

Everyone likes poptarts, Bobby.

You’re not in any kind of trouble, are you son? You can tell me if you are.

You weren’t on a secret mission all those years, you were in prison.

Why are you coming after me?

I’m gonna make things right.

Bad news is I gotta keep fighting.

Take care of your brother.

He’s not the one that needs looking after.

Who’s side are you on?

I just don’t want anyone to get hurt.

Your mind has played a horrible trick on you, Malik.

Your boys need you now more than ever.

I put you in danger.

You’re a hero to me, dad.