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30+ Hilarious Netflix Space Force Quotes

Netflix Space Force Quotes

A new hilarious series is coming to Netflix this Friday, Space Force.  Starring Steve Carrell and John Malkovich, this series is based off of the current administration of starting a new branch of the military with the same name.  This series had some of the most hilarious quotes come out of it, ones you will be repeating, so of course I had to jot some of my favorite down for you. So, check out this list of 30+ hilarious Netflix Space Force quotes.

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Netflix Space Force Quotes

If there isn’t any air, then two questions. What is it exactly and why can’t they eat ice cream?

At least Coast Guard isn’t last in line anymore.

Siri, send tweet. Send tweet.

Nothing to be ashamed of, Air Force has Airmen, Space Force has Spacemen. Nothing embarassing or comical about it.

We have people to crawl under the house, Dad.

Netflix Space Force Quotes

*In loving memory of Fred Willard*

What’s after Brexit? Frexit? Swetixt?

Warren Buffet doesn’t invest in tech because he doesn’t understand it.

You Scientist say don’t eat carbs one day and only eat carbs the next.

In nature, chimps eat baby monkeys whenever they can get their hands on them.

Marcus at some point in the last two weeks must have eaten Theodore.

Perhaps, but as a Scientist you have loyalty to reason. It makes you a little untrustworthy.

One time my History teacher gave me a C, so I planted drugs in his desk.  And now he lives under a bridge like a troll.

Tampons spend all day in vaginas. Nothing manlier if you ask me.

Look if I can get some super snappy dressing foreign guy to like me because of my proximity to classified information, I would totally jump at it.

I feel safer that we have satellites that can ring God’s holy hellfire upon our enemies on this majestic flat Earth of ours.

Cheap Generals are like cheap enchiladas.  You end up paying for it in the back end.

Space is hard.  If you haven’t settled on a motto yet, I suggest that becomes the new Space Force motto.

Netflix Space Force Quotes

One thing you learn in the military is money doesn’t matter, people matter.

We better take care of this planet, people live here.

To be trapped underwater with hundred of mens farts, you have to be so strong.

You took a trip inside your soul and stared at a darkness more empty than the Universe itself.

Right now is when you decide to have a backbone?

The President has names for countries like India, a name I can not repeat.

You send one of mine to the hospital, I send one of yours to the morgue.

This is a team effort and there is no “i” in shirt.

Those Chinese bastards did it, they did it.

Do not mansplain anime to me you rude, rude b*&ch. 

Has anyone masterbated in front of an unwilling employee?

I respect that, it’s good to be back on the moon. It is a classic.

It’s good to be black on the moon.

Well, you laid down like a hooker on quaaludes.

I’ve been defying authority since I was thirteen.